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Release Notes: December 2020

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.

Design System Manager (DSM)

Check out the latest changes to DSM below, or see all our DSM updates and fixes here: Release Notes: DSM

What's improved or fixed in the new DSM?

Along with a couple of big bug fixes, the new DSM release (version 1.0.6), which became available on December 13th, should improve the experience when uploading Sketch libraries to DSM:

  • Help is on the way: When uploading Sketch libraries to the DSM Web view, you'll notice a new link to troubleshooting instructions that help with potential gotcha moments such as navigating a network proxy problem or correcting file size issues.
  • DSM data in Inspect: Your DSM data should be displayed as expected in Inspect now. Before this fix, a bug had prevented Inspect from displaying DSM data in certain rare cases.
  • Cloudy with 100% chance of DSM: Now you should see the new DSM plugin as expected when working with Sketch Cloud documents. 

Current versions

Here are the version numbers for each DSM plugin at the time of the most-recent December release:

  • New Design System Manager: version 1.0.6
  • Legacy Design System Manager: version 1.1.42


Check out the newest additions to Freehand below, or see all our Freehand updates and fixes here: Release Notes: Freehand

What's new in Freehand?

During December, there were a couple of notable improvements released for Freehand:

  • Image rendering: If your freehand includes many images or particularly large image files, you'll notice the freehand loads much faster, scrolls more smoothly, and uses fewer system resources now that we've overhauled our image rendering to improve performance.
  • Deep links: If your freehand includes deep links, now when a recipient clicks the link, it will pan and zoom smoothly to the target object.
  • Template Gallery for Microsoft Teams: If you use the Freehand whiteboard integration for Microsoft Teams, now you will see the Template Gallery when adding a new freehand to a channel.
  • Template tags: If you've saved a freehand as a custom template, now you can easily spot it when glancing over your project thumbnails on the InVision homescreen.

What's fixed in Freehand?

There were also a few important fixes released in December:

  • That's a wrap: Your text within text boxes and sticky notes will now wrap appropriately.
  • Comments in templates: If you save a freehand as template, and the source freehand includes comments, now the template will be saved without the comments included.
  • Fixes for the Freehand whiteboard integration for Microsoft Teams:
    • Using Freehand during a Microsoft Teams meeting: You should now be able to launch Freehand (via the Share Tray) from within the Microsoft Teams Meeting UI as expected.
    • Thumbnails in Microsoft Teams: If you create an empty freehand in InVision and then add it to a channel in Microsoft Teams, the thumbnail will no longer appear as a broken image.
  • Selecting a filled object: Now if you hover over a filled object, you should be able to select the object as expected. Previously, in certain cases, a bug was preventing the ability to select filled objects.

InVision security

What's improved or fixed?

These platform updates were made during December:

  • Platform stability and security: To maintain and continually improve the stability and security of InVision, we implemented additional security measures.

InVision V6

What's new or improved in InVision V6?

You may have noticed a couple of solid improvements for InVision V6 during December:

  • Export comments to CSV: If you need to export comments from a V6 prototype, now you can export them to a CSV file.
  • Preview archived prototypes: Thinking about bringing an archived prototype back into the fold? Now you can view a preview of the prototype to verify it's the right one before you unarchive it.

InVision V7

The following release notes apply to InVision V7 only; these do not apply to InVision V6.

What's new in InVision V7?

Public share links for InVision V7 got some love during December:

  • Global search improvements: As a follow-up feature for the global search bar that we released last month, now you can get to work even faster with the new search-as-you-type Quick List. You'll probably also notice that search results are more relevant to your recent work, due to some relevance tuning—including a focus on surfacing documents and spaces you've recently opened as well as more focus on word similarity.
  • Inspect on public share links: You and collaborators logged into your team will now be able to inspect screens from public share links that belong to that team.
  • Public share link settings: If you want to ensure that user testing participants can only use hotspots to navigate your prototype, before you send a public share link, you can now disable the ability to navigate using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Learn more about this and other public share link settings.

What's fixed or improved in V7?

You may have noticed a smoother experience in V7 due to these bug fixes released during December:

  • Password protection: You will now only be asked for a password when trying to access password protected share links.
  • Overlay hotspots: You can now consistently trigger overlay hotspots in Play mode, as the frustrating bug that sometimes prevented them from triggering has been fixed.
  • Links for converted prototypes: Prototype links created in V6 will now correctly redirect you to the prototypes that were converted to V7.
  • Archiving or deleting prototypes: You should now be able to archive or delete V7 prototypes as expected. Conversely, you can also now restore archived prototypes as expected. Previously, a couple of pesky bugs were preventing archival and deletion (as well as the ability unarchive) in certain cases.