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Release Notes: October 2020

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.


Changes made to Craft during October improved performance of the Craft Sync for Photoshop plugin on Windows devices. See below for details, or read all our Craft updates and fixes now: Release Notes: Craft

What’s new?

Released on October 27th, the latest version of the Craft Sync for Photoshop plugin (2.0.93) is all about improving the experience for Windows users:

  • Photoshop 2021 support: If you've updated to Photoshop 2021 on your PC, the Craft Sync plugin should work as expected again.
  • Plugin loading issues: When working in Photoshop on a Windows device, you should now be able to open the Craft Sync plugin without getting stuck on the launch screen that says Loading prototypes.

Version changes

The version number for this Craft tool was updated with this release:

  • Craft Sync for Photoshop: version 2.0.93 (Windows and Mac)
    Remember, the Craft Sync + Prototype plugin for Sketch is a separate product with its own release version—currently, 2.3.167 (as you'll notice below).

Current versions

The version numbers for Craft plugins differ based on whether you use Craft in Sketch, Photoshop, or Photoshop for Windows.

Craft tools for Photoshop

Here are the latest Craft tool versions for Photoshop—at the time of publication:

  • Craft Manager: 1.0.101
  • Sync: 2.0.93 (If using Windows, please see the section below.)
  • Freehand: 1.0.34
  • Stock: 1.0.15
  • Duplicate: 1.0.5
  • Data: 1.0.12

Craft Sync for Windows

The latest version of Craft Sync for Windows is 2.0.93—at the time of publication.

Craft tools for Sketch

Here are the latest Craft tool versions for Sketch—at the time of publication:

  • Craft Manager: 1.0.101
    Remember, Craft Manager is a separate tool that you use to manage the Craft plugin suite; therefore, the version number is different than what you see when clicking Manage plugins in the Sketch Plugins menu.
  • Sync + Prototype: 2.3.167
  • New Design System Manager: 1.0.1
  • Legacy Design System Manager: 1.1.40
  • Freehand: 1.0.39
  • Stock: 1.0.47
  • Duplicate: 1.0.24
  • Data: 1.0.49


Check out the latest changes to Freehand below, or see all our Freehand updates and fixes here: Release Notes: Freehand

What's new in Freehand?

During October, we added a handy feature for those of you who belong to multiple InVision teams:

  • "New Freehand" shortcut: When using the URL as a shortcut to create a new freehand, now you'll see the option to select a team—if you belong to more than one InVision team.

What's fixed in Freehand?

Okay, maybe there is an easy fix for better collaboration—at least for InVision V6 Freehand users:

  • Collaborator visibility: If you're on a Free, Starter, Pro, or Team plan for InVision V6, now when you share a freehand, the Share dialog includes a list of collaborators who have joined the freehand.


Give your devs the rich context and clear details that make Specs such a powerful tool for design-to-development collaboration.

What’s new in Specs?

Check out our latest list of feature additions for Specs, released on October 7th:

  • Comments: Have something to say? Looking for feedback? Post and reply to comments directly in the Specs canvas.
  • Text annotations: Grab your collaborators' attention with text formatting and provide details right where you need them.
  • Align and distribute: See a better way to organize your designs and developer details? By all means, spark that joy! Just grab what you need and move items as you see fit.
  • Clean, in-line editing: The new in-line editing quill lets you easily format your Overview, so you can quickly highlight critical details for the spec and link to resources or related info that collaborators need.
  • Even easier image uploads: Along with adding images to a spec via the Upload images icon (invision-v7-specs-upload-image-icon.png) that you're familiar with, now you can also drag and drop images directly to the canvas.

InVision V6

What's new or improved in InVision V6?

You couldn't miss most of the new features and improvements we added to InVision V6 in October:

  • Members tab in prototypes: Now when you're working in a prototype, you can click the Members tab to see all the current project members as well as who you've invited.
  • People page: To make tasks a little easier on InVision admins, we focused on improving usability and making it easier to surface pending invitations on the People page.
  • SMS preview: If you send your prototype share link through SMS, the recipients will now see an image preview.
  • Console improvements: You may notice a better experience when viewing prototypes in the InVision Console, thanks to recent changes to address performance lag and an issue with flickering screens.

InVision security

What's improved or fixed?

These platform updates were made during October:

  • Platform stability and security: To maintain and continually improve the stability and security of InVision, we implemented additional security measures.

InVision V7

The following release notes apply to InVision V7 only; these do not apply to InVision V6.

What's new in InVision V7?

Changes to InVision V7 during October included a couple of new ways to work with screens in the Console:

  • Upload new screens in Console: You can now upload new screens while in Preview, Build, Comment, and Inspect modes—without the need to navigate to the Screens overview page.
  • Replace screens using thumbnails tray: In addition to uploading new screens in Console, you can replace screens by dragging and dropping an image over an existing screen in the thumbnails tray or by uploading files with names that match the existing screens.

What's fixed or improved in V7?

During October, we made a number of improvements to InVision V7 and fixed a few bugs:

  • Loading states: Now you'll see skeleton loading states when launching screen history, so you don't have to guess which screen versions are still loading.
  • Large prototypes: You can now use prototypes with 500+ screens as you’d expect, as they are now supported; previously, any screens above 500 were hidden from view.
  • Hotspot templates: We can't stand for bugs in the template! (or anywhere else)
    • Creating templates: You can now create hotspot templates in build mode without running into an error.
    • Applying templates: You should once again be able to apply hotspot templates to multiple screens at once, now that we've fixed the frustrating bug that had been preventing this.
  • Maintain scroll position: When working with a mobile prototype, now you can use the Maintain scroll position after click setting as you would expect.
  • Scroll position: You and your collaborators can once again navigate hotspots as expected when opening public share links on mobile browsers, as the bug causing scroll position to be maintained incorrectly is now resolved.
  • Live embed links: If you use live embed for screens in your prototype, now they should always point to the latest version of the screen; prior to the fix, links wouldn’t update with the latest version in rare cases.
  • “Last updated” timestamp: When duplicating screens in the prototype, you should now see the “last updated” timestamp correctly updated.
  • Dragging screens: You can now select and drag a screen that is only partially in the browser viewport on the Screens overview page, which previously didn’t always work due to a bug.
  • Android prototypes: You will now see the option to hide the status bar on Android prototypes.