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Activated guests and Enterprise seat count in InVision V7

This article applies specifically to customers on an InVision V7 Enterprise plan. Not sure which version you’re using? Find out now.

If you’re on an InVision V7 Enterprise plan, you can assign users the guest role. This role is helpful for sharing and collaborating with people who are typically outside of your organization (like contractors or clients) as well as internal stakeholders who don't require full access to your account. Users who join your account through document sharing are also added to your account as guests by default.

What Enterprise guests can do

Guests can do the following within your Enterprise:

  • View documents they've been added to—including prototypes, boards, and freehands
  • View spaces they've been added to
  • Archive or delete documents they can edit
  • Create new documents
    • By default, only members of your team can open documents that guests have created, because the Anyone with the link setting is disabled (by default) within document Share dialog for guests.
    • To give guests the option to edit the Anyone with the link share setting in each document they create, an owner or admin of the team must update the default team sharing settings.
    • While guests can obviously edit the documents they create, guests cannot edit documents that other people on the team have created—unless the creator shares the document with a specific guest and grants Can edit access via the document Share dialog.

Guests cannot access spaces or projects they have not been invited to join, nor can guests invite new users to join the team. You can have multiple guests for your team.

Any guests designated with activated status are eligible for Enterprise billing, as described in more detail below.

How guests could affect Enterprise billing

If a user with the guest role has joined only one document owned by your Enterprise team, they are not considered an activated user; therefore, they are not counted against your available seat licenses and do not affect your Enterprise billing.

Once a guest joins two or more documents, however, they become an activated user, at which point they occupy a seat license on your team and become eligible for Enterprise billing.

Reviewing guest status

Guests who become activated cannot be reverted to Not activated status.

You must be an Enterprise owner, admin, or manager to view guests' status. To learn more about Enterprise roles, including the guest role, check out product guide.

To check whether a specific guest has been designated with activated status:

  1. Sign in to your InVision Enterprise here:
  2. On the left, click People.
  3. On the People page, click the Guests tab.
  4. In the Status column, see the status of each guest:
    • Activated: The specific guest impacts Enterprise billing.
    • Not activated: The specific guest does not impact Enterprise billing.