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Release Notes: September 2020

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.


During September, we focused on continuing our recent accessibility improvements in Craft. See below for details, or read all our Craft updates and fixes now: Release Notes: Craft

What’s improved?

Released on September 24th, this Craft release delivers more improvement on the accessibility front:

  • Additional A11Y enhancements: You may notice improved accessibility when working in Craft Manager and when using the Stock and Data plugins in Sketch, thanks to another round of minor color contrast enhancements.

Version changes

The version numbers for these Craft tools were updated with this release:

  • Craft Manager: version 1.0.101 (Sketch and Photoshop)
    Remember, Craft Manager is a separate tool that you use to manage the Craft plugin tool suite; therefore, the version number is different than what you see when clicking Manage plugins in the Sketch Plugins menu.
  • Stock plugin: 1.0.47
  • Data plugin: 1.0.49

Current versions

The version numbers for Craft plugins differs based on whether you use Craft in Sketch, Photoshop, or Photoshop for Windows.

Craft tools for Sketch

Here are the latest Craft tool versions for Sketch—at the time of publication:

  • Craft Manager: 1.0.101
    Remember, Craft Manager is a separate tool that you use to manage the Craft plugin suite; therefore, the version number is different than what you see when clicking Manage plugins in the Sketch Plugins menu.
  • Sync + Prototype: 2.3.167
  • New Design System Manager: 1.0.1
  • Legacy Design System Manager: 1.1.40
  • Freehand: 1.0.39
  • Stock: 1.0.47
  • Duplicate: 1.0.24
  • Data: 1.0.49

Craft tools for Photoshop

Here are the latest Craft tool versions for Photoshop—at the time of publication:

  • Craft Manager: 1.0.100
  • Sync: 2.0.88 (If using Windows, please see the section below.)
  • Freehand: 1.0.34
  • Stock: 1.0.15
  • Duplicate: 1.0.5
  • Data: 1.0.12

Craft Sync for Windows

The latest version of Craft Sync for Windows is 2.0.71—at the time of publication.

Design System Manager (DSM)

The focus for DSM during September involved compatibility and accessibility improvements. Read the details below, or see all our DSM updates and fixes now: Release Notes: DSM

What's improved or fixed in the new DSM?

Released on September 22nd, the latest version of the new DSM Sketch plugin includes a couple of improvements and a notable fix:

  • Big Sur compatibility: The new DSM plugin is now compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur beta.
  • Sketch 69 compatibility: The DSM side panel has been repositioned to account for the new Components View (beta) in Sketch version 69 (beta).
  • A11y enhancements: You may notice an improved experience after our latest round of minor accessibility enhancements.
  • Keeping up appearances: The plugin respects the Appearance setting (Light or Dark) in your System Preferences as expected.

Current versions

Here are the version numbers for each DSM plugin at the time of publication:

  • New Design System Manager: version 1.0.1
  • Legacy Design System Manager: version 1.1.40


Read below to see the latest Freehand changes, or see all our Freehand updates and fixes here: Release Notes: Freehand

What's new in Freehand?

During September, Freehand got a bundle of exciting new features:

  • Contextual menus: When working with the tools in Freehand, you'll notice the contextual menu for each tool has been markedly improved.
  • Locking objects: Avoid collaboration mishaps by locking objects that should not be moved or edited. With the object selected, toggle the lock icon on () in the contextual menu.
  • Arrange to grid: Now you can grab multiple objects with the pointer tool and align them to a grid. Just select the objects and click the grid icon (invision-freehand-arrange-objects-grid-icon.png) in the top-right corner of object group.
  • Reactions and voting: Show some love for your collaborators' work with one of seven animated emojis. As other people click a reaction, the running tally increases, making reactions a great way to vote on brainstorming sessions and potential design solutions.

InVision V6

What's new or improved in InVision V6?

Life with InVision V6 might feel new and improved thanks big releases during September:

  • Spaces: If you belong to an InVision Enterprise team, you use the new Spaces feature to group and organize your InVision projects!

  • A11Y color contrast updates: When working in InVision V6 on the web, you will likely notice the improved color contrast.

  • Redesigned Projects page for Enterprise teams: If you're on an Enterprise team, changes to the Projects page should make it easier to navigate among Enterprise and personal projects and filter search results as wanted.

  • Prototype sections: If you expand the thumbnail tray in the InVision toolbar while viewing a prototype, now you'll see the names of screen sections above the corresponding thumbnails.

  • Browser zoom: You can decrease your browser zoom level below 100% as wanted now without running into the issue that had previously caused the Projects page to render poorly.

  • Upgrade option: You should no longer encounter the Sorry: Invalid signature error when trying to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

InVision Android app

See the latest changes to the InVision Android app below, or see all our updates and fixes for the app here: Release Notes: InVision Android App

What's improved or fixed?

Released on September 28th, 2020, version 2.8.6 of the InVision app for Android included the following fixes and improvements:

  • Re-authentication issue: Recent changes to the code should greatly reduce the frequency of errors that result in needing to re-authenticate.
    These changes also address the frustrating issue caused by "ghost" documents—when one user deletes a document while another user has the Documents list open in the InVision for Android app; previously, if the Android user tried to open the document that was just deleted, it caused a 404 error that required the Android user to re-authenticate. Now, the app will simply refresh the Document list so the deleted document is not included.
  • Keyboard obstructs access: You should no longer encounter the bug that had previously caused the keyboard to block two critical tasks:
    • Sign in: Now you can see and complete the sign-in process after clicking the Know your team domain link.
    • Update password: Now you can see and access the Password field.
  • Hotspot corrections:
    • Positioning in fix footers: Hotspots in fixed footers will now get positioned as expected.
    • Maintain scroll position: Now if you select the Maintain scroll position setting for a hotspot, the app will respect that setting as expected.
  • Navigating screens: Now when navigating through screens, when users reach the final screen and swipe forward, they will see the first screen again. Likewise, swiping backward on the first screen will take users to the last screen.
  • Not all that refreshing: After mirroring a prototype to Android and then ending the session, your document list will no longer refresh (causing a needless delay).
  • Accessibility improvements: The app now supports use of both TalkBack and Switch Access.
  • Updated Crashlytics library: The app now relies on the latest version of the Crashlytics library to monitor performance.

InVision iOS app

See the latest changes to the InVision iOS app below, or see all our updates and fixes for the app here: Release Notes: InVision iOS App

What's changed or fixed?

Released on September 22nd, 2020, version 2.10.4 of the InVision iOS app focused on improving accessibility. The release included the following fixes and improvements:

  • iOS version support: The InVision iOS app is now supported for use on devices running iOS 12.0 or later.
  • A11Y improvements: You likely noticed an improved experience in the app after enhancements to key areas that affect accessibility, including these changes:
    • Increased color contrast
    • Improved performance related to iOS voice commands
    • Addressed handling of image alt text attributes, which screen readers use to describe images.

InVision security

What's improved or fixed?

These platform updates were made during September:

  • Platform stability and security: To maintain and continually improve the stability and security of InVision, we implemented additional security measures.

InVision V7

The following release notes apply to InVision V7 only; these do not apply to InVision V6.

What's new in InVision V7?

You likely noticed three new additions to InVision V7 during September:

  • Replace screens in Console: You can now replace screens while in Preview, Build, and Comment modes, without having to navigate to the screens overview page. Just drag and drop an image over the screen you want to replace to upload a new version of that screen.
  • New setting for share links: When creating a public share link, you now have the option to hide the InVision UI (for demos, user tests, and so on).
  • Screen version preview: Now when you're using screen history, you can preview previous screen versions in full screen.

What's fixed or improved in V7?

There were a number of fixes and improvements released for InVision V7 during September:

  • Loading states: Now you'll see skeleton loading states when launching screen history, so you don't have to guess which screen versions are still loading.
  • Converted share links:
    • If you’ve recently converted to the new InVision V7, you might have encountered a Something went wrong error when trying to load certain share links; this issue is now fixed and your share links should work as expected.
    • If an InVision V6 share link points to screens that existed in the V6 prototype but have been deleted after converting to V7, the share link will now redirect the user to another screen within the V7 prototype.
  • Editing labels: When editing screen labels, you should now be able to click and drag to highlight the entire label name as expected; before the bug fix, letting the mouse go outside of the dialog would close it.
  • Seeing double: While loading your prototype, there was an issue where duplicate labels would appear underneath the screen; you should now see the labels load as expected.
  • Password-protected links: You should now be required to enter the password only once when accessing password-protected share links, as you would expect; before this frustrating issue was fixed, accessing these share links required entering the password twice.