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Using the Design Tokens API

The Design Tokens feature is currently in beta and is available to a limited number of users. Please note that the functionality of this beta feature is subject to change.

The tokens API provides programmatic access to your tokens. It allows you to download a .zip file that includes the entire folder tree, where each token set is made available as a .json file.

API endpoint

To see the API endpoint, click “API Setup” in the Tokens action menu on the left navbar.

Generating an authentication key

Using the API requires an authentication key. To generate an authentication key, click Manage in the Manage authentication keys panel of the API setup page.

You can then create a new authentication key by clicking “Generate new key”.

Access a specific version of the system

To access a specific version of the system, switch to that version, and copy the API endpoint for that version.

Who can export tokens?

Viewers, editors, and admins of a system can download tokens and use the API. Only editors can generate API keys. Viewers can see the first four characters of keys, who generated them, and their description, but an editor will need to provide viewers with keys in order for viewers to access tokens with the API.

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