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Comparing InVision V7 plans and pricing to V6

This article provides information for InVision V7. Not sure which version you’re using? Find out now.

In InVision V7, you'll notice that plans and pricing are different than in V6. We believe these changes make InVision more accessible for our diverse customer base.

In V6, there are 5 plan types:

  • Free ($0)
  • Starter ($13/month)
  • Professional ($22/month)
  • Team ($89/month)
  • Enterprise (price varies)

In V7, we've simplified the options to 3:

  • Free ($0)
  • Pro ($7.95 per active user/month)
  • Enterprise (price varies)

There is also a new pricing model in V7. In V6, pricing varies by plan type, but the available plans aren't always customizable to user needs. For example, the V6 Professional plan offers unlimited prototypes, but only allows for 1 user. The Team plan allows for up to 5 users, but many teams are larger than that and would not necessarily want to upgrade to InVision Enterprise.

By simplifying the number of plans and moving to a pay-per-user setup, InVision is more accessible for teams of all sizes. The plan now values the opportunity to collaborate with diverse product development teams.

For a small team of 2–3 people, the cost of the V7 Pro plan is comparable to the V6 Professional plan—but now you can work together and create unlimited documents. As your team grows (up to 15 members), you can continue to scale with the V7 Pro plan. We believe this new model allows teams to start sooner and scale further with InVision.

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