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Adding icons to DSM

The Icons category of your DSM documentation site can contain any symbols that you reference on a regular basis, such as system icons, logos, and illustrations. Viewers of your DSM site will be able to download these items as SVGs.

Preparing icons in Sketch

Before adding icons to your documentation site, you'll need to take the following steps in Sketch:

  1. In your Sketch file, select the symbol masters you want to add as icons. It's important you select the symbol masters, not symbol instances.
  2. Mark the symbol as exportable and set the export type to SVG.
  3. Re-upload the Sketch file to your design system.

Adding icons to the documentation site

After completing the previous steps in Sketch, you can add icons to your DSM documentation site.

To add icons to your DSM documentation site:

  1. Open your design system in the DSM web view.
  2. On the Foundations page, navigate to the Icons category.
  3. On any page within the Icons category, click the Add icons button.
  4. In the left-hand Libraries menu, select a library.
  5. Select the icons or folders you want to add. Alternatively, at the bottom of the modal, click Select all.
  6. Click Add assets.

Icons you add remain linked to the Sketch library. If you change icons in the Sketch library and re-upload the library to DSM, icons you added to the DSM Foundations will be updated automatically.