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Exporting Legacy DSM as a Sketch File

This guide references the new DSM. Built on customer feedback, the new DSM offers a completely redesigned experience. Learn more about why we made the new DSM.

Before importing a legacy design system to a new DSM design system, you will need to upload the master Sketch files for your legacy system to the new DSM. To learn more, check out the section "Uploading a Sketch file to DSM" in this article: Creating a Design System

If you don’t already maintain a master Sketch file for your design system, DSM can quickly generate one for you.

To generate a Sketch file from your legacy design system:

  1. In Sketch, open the legacy DSM plugin.
    If you want the Sketch file to reflect the latest iteration of your design system, select the Draft version.
  2. Next to the system name, click the drop-down and select [Your design system] > Export to a Sketch file.
  3. Click Export.

DSM will generate a new Sketch file that contains the exported content. You can then upload the file to your new DSM design system.