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Viewing projects in Private Cloud

This article applies specifically to InVision Private Cloud users.

For InVision Private Cloud users, we’ve introduced a new way to visualize work in InVision. It’s now easier to browse, quickly view key information, and filter results.

Project list view

When you navigate to the Projects page of InVision, you’ll notice the tile view has been replaced with a new default list view. This view is easy to navigate and provides more information at a glance, such as project type, creator, and date last edited.

When you hover over a project, you can share directly from the list view by clicking the share icon (projects-view-share-icon.png). You can also click the ••• (more) menu to duplicate, archive, or delete a project.

If you prefer browsing by tiles, navigate to the top right of the project list and click the tile view icon (tile-view-icon.png).


Starred items

Prototypes, boards, and freehands you previously favorited now appear as Starred. Quickly star or unstar items by clicking the star icon next to the document name.

By default, the four most recently active starred documents appear at the top of the Projects view. To hide these recent items, navigate to the right-hand side and click Hide.


Project tabs

Beneath the recent starred items, projects are divided into tabs:

  • My projects
  • [Your Organization]
  • Archived
  • All Starred

Click each tab to view and search relevant projects.