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Preparing for Your InVision V7 Update

This article provides answers for Enterprise users moving to InVision V7. Users on a consumer plan will automatically be updated to the V7 experience at the appropriate time. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

It's important that you're fully aware of some things before deciding to embrace InVision V7, including a few things to prepare and consider before updating from V6 to V7 as well as the differences in available features.

InVision V7 prerequisites

Before updating to InVision V7, please read the following prerequisites and considerations:

  • Consolidate all documents before Initial transition: As part of your Enterprise team’s transition to V7, we will move all of your members and company settings.

    InVision cannot transfer documents from other accounts to your Enterprise account once we have moved it to V7; therefore, your V6 admin must have all people on the team consolidate their documents—including any from their personal V6 accounts that should have belonged to the Enterprise—prior to migrating your Enterprise to V7.

  • Data created in InVision V7 is not backward compatible: After the transition, all of your V6 projects will be accessible on the new V7 platform. If necessary, we are able to move your team back to V6, but please note that any new work created in V7 cannot be moved back to V6.
  • Access to projects: All of the prototypes, boards, and freehands your team created will be brought over to V7. Any documents that didn't already belong to a space will be placed in the Migrated Documents space. This space is invite-only, but by default, anyone who had access to view all documents in V6 will have access to the Migrated Documents space in V7.
  • Updated Craft: For the best experience, please update to the latest version of Craft prior to the transition.
  • Planned downtime: The transition will require planned downtime, so keep an eye out for email and in-app reminder messages once your Enterprise is scheduled. The transition requires around 2 hours on average and will be run during off-business hours, which are listed here in EST:
    • 10pm - 7am, Monday through Thursday
    • 8pm Friday - 8pm Sunday
    • 7pm Sunday - 7am Monday

InVision V7 feature availability

Some InVision V6 features are not currently supported in V7 due to low usage:

  • Tour Points within comments
    Now called highlighted comments, this feature has been modified for additional flexibility in V7. You can use highlighted comments as tour guides, plus you can now select colors to establish comment categories that streamline communication.
  • Workflow
    You can now achieve similar results with screen labels in V7.
  • Prototype Assets tab
    You can achieve similar functionality by using Craft to export assets from Sketch so they appear in the Inspect Assets tab. Learn how to download existing assets before or after updating to V7.
  • Duplicate boards and freehands
  • Favorite projects
  • Activity (global and project-level)
  • Custom branding for Enterprise teams
  • Enterprise dashboard

With InVision V7, you can export your prototype as a fully functioning offline prototype, ZIP file, or PDF—though it's not possible to include comments, use landscape orientation, or use password protection when exporting to PDF.

Browser requirements for InVision V7

InVision V7 supports the latest 2 versions of the following browsers:

Currently, V7 fully supports Internet Explorer 11 only during the short sign-in process.

Reporting issues

If you’d like to share any feedback or report any issues with InVision V7, please contact InVision Support. Our team will work directly with you to ensure you have a smooth experience going forward, and your feedback will help us shape the future of the new V7 platform.

Switching back from InVision V7 to V6

Our goal is to always provide the best experience and the highest level of support possible. If you are not happy with your experience on InVision V7, you do have the option to switch back to InVision V6. 

Keep in mind that any new data created by your team in V7 cannot be brought back to V6, so be sure to save any work you created in V7 separately. For example, if you created a prototype in V7, save the original source file (Studio, Sketch, Photoshop, etc.) and screens in a safe place so you can recreate those prototypes in V6.

After carefully considering the loss of data that will occur if you switch back to InVision V6, if you are certain you want to switch back, you can contact InVision Support. After we've received your request, please allow 12 hours for us to complete the switch. Once the switch has begun processing, you’ll experience about 5 minutes of downtime.