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Release Notes: Design System Manager (DSM)


To review Design System Manager (DSM) release notes for versions released prior to May 5, 2020, see our Craft release notes.

InVision is committed to continually improving Design System Manager (DSM) and your design system workflow by resolving bugs and often implementing new features with each release. You'll find our latest DSM release notes below.

June 16th, 2020

This release includes changes to both the new DSM and legacy DSM.

What’s new or improved in the new DSM?

  • Toggle plugin visibility: Now when you enable or disable visibility of DSM via the Sketch Plugins menu, the change will happen immediately. Previously, toggling visibility required a Sketch restart to take effect.
  • Improved upload performance: You may notice performance improvements when uploading files, especially if uploading larger files.

What’s new in legacy DSM?

  • Export assets to Sketch file: Now you can export your legacy DSM assets to a Sketch file. Editors can access this from the design system dropdown in the top left corner of the legacy DSM plugin.
    As part of our upcoming import workflow improvements, soon you will also be able to upload the Sketch file with your exported assets to design systems on the new DSM!

Version changes

The version numbers for each DSM tool was updated with this release:

  • Legacy Design System Manager: version 1.1.37
  • New Design System Manager: version 0.6.11

May 5, 2020

What’s new or improved in DSM?

Say hello to the new InVision DSM, built for collaborative teams. Available in Early Access!

From build and beyond, it takes a team of collaborators to make a design system succeed. That’s why we've redesigned InVision DSM with an even deeper appreciation of design system makers and users.

Here's what to expect from the new DSM:

  • Sharing and versioning: Use the new DSM plugin to distribute and version your Sketch Libraries as part of a comprehensive design system.
  • Rich documentation: Tie all aspects of your design system together with DSM's revamped, rich documentation site that lets you centralize and showcase the system.

You'll also notice a number of improvements to DSM, including these:

  • Familiar ground: When working in Inspect mode, links to DSM documentation now open the same design system version used in the prototype.
  • Custom font support: Now when you publish Storybook entries that include custom fonts, those fonts will appear in DSM as expected.

Version changes

The version numbers for each DSM tool was updated with this release:

  • Legacy Design System Manager: version 1.1.32
  • New Design System Manager: version 0.6.4

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