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Release Notes: March 2020

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.

InVision Cloud V6

What's new in Cloud V6?

You may have noticed a couple of new additions to Cloud V6 during March:

  • New Android device frames: Now you can select one of five popular device frames for Android prototypes:
    • Samsung Galaxy S8
    • Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Samsung Galaxy S10
    • Google Pixel 3
    • Google Pixel 3 XL
  • Direct downloads: When viewing a prototype, you can now download screens without leaving the InVision console.

What's fixed or improved in Cloud V6?

These issues were fixed or improved in Cloud V6 during March:

  • Signing in via share links: If you receive a share link for a prototype that belongs to an InVision Enterprise team that you aren't part of, now you can sign in to InVision as expected to comment on the prototype.
  • Prototype names: Longer prototype titles are no longer displayed on the prototype when viewing in the InVision console.
  • Screen selection: To streamline your screen selection experience, now when you select a single screen, you can then click additional screens directly to select them.
  • Embedly links: You should no longer see the Squarespace option when embedding a prototype screen.
  • Inbox: Improved the inbox empty state to help new users understand what it is used for
  • Screen rendering: When previewing a Cloud V6 mobile prototype via a share link, the screens should render as expected within the device.
  • Filter improvements: You may notice a couple of improvements to the filters on the Projects page:
    • Team visibility: If you belong to an Enterprise team and your role is set to reviewer, you will no longer see a list of teams in the All collaborators dropdown.
    • Transition animation: The Recent and Alphanumeric filters are now animating as expected when switching from one filter to the other.


What's new in Craft 1.0.94?

The March 26th Craft release makes syncing to InVision Cloud a bit quicker:

  • Let's simplify: You may notice that we've simplified several options in Craft publishing flow.

What's fixed in Craft 1.0.94?

This release also includes a couple of fixes:

  • Ain't nothin' wrong: You should no longer run into an unintended "something went wrong" error message when publishing artboards.

  • Issue with Android assets: Now when you download Android assets in Inspect, you'll receive the assets as expected. Previously, a bug was causing Android assets to break.

Version changes

The version number for this Craft tool was updated with this release:

  • Craft Manager: version 1.0.94 (Sketch and Photoshop)
    Remember, Craft Manager is a separate tool that you use to manage the Craft plugin tool suite; therefore, the version number is different than what you see when clicking Manage plugins in the Sketch Plugins menu.

What's fixed in Craft 1.0.93?

Released on March 3rd, this release includes a couple of fixes and improvements:

  • Hellooooo, I'm working here! Now you should be able to publish prototypes via Craft Sync without running into the errors that were causing Craft to errantly sign out some users. Apologies for any interruptions you experienced!

  • Sketch 64 support: After updating to Craft Manager 1.0.93, the tool suite should work as expected with Sketch 64.

Version changes

The version number for this Craft tool was updated with this release:

  • Craft Manager: version 1.0.93 (Sketch and Photoshop)
    Remember, Craft Manager is a separate tool that you use to manage the Craft plugin tool suite; therefore, the version number is different than what you see when clicking Manage plugins in the Sketch Plugins menu.

See all our Craft updates and fixes: Release Notes: Craft

InVision security

What's improved or fixed?

These platform updates were made during March:

  • Platform stability and security: To maintain and continually improve the stability and security of InVision Cloud, we implemented additional security measures.

InVision Cloud V7

The following release notes apply to InVision Cloud V7 only; these do not apply to Cloud V6.

What's new in Cloud V7?

In March, Cloud V7 users gained the ability to protect their accounts with two-factor authentication:

  • Two-factor authentication: Cloud V7 now supports two-factor authentication. This feature is available to any user on any plan. Additionally, Enterprise teams can now require all users to set up two-factor authentication.


March brought dashed borders, text appearance properties, and SVG improvements to Studio, along with a security update.

What's fixed in Studio 1.28.1?

Lock the gates! This release includes a patch to further strengthen Studio's security:

  • Potential vulnerabilities corrected: You won't notice this one while working in Studio, but behind the scenes, we've updated two top-level dependencies to fix potential vulnerabilities in lower-level dependencies.

What's new in Studio 1.28.0?

We're excited to deliver a few of your highly requested new features in this release, which introduces dashed borders, text shadows, and text borders as well as support for many SVG filters:

  • Dashed borders: You can now make any border dashed! Just click the Borders section of the inspector panel, and you can specify both the length of dashes and the space between each dash.
  • Text appearance properties: For ultimate flexibility when working with text, now you can apply text borders and shadows!
  • SVG import filter support: The accuracy of SVGs you import should be improved now that we've added support for the following filters: feOffset, feFlood, feColorMatrix, feComposite, feMerge, feMergeNode, feBlend, feDropShadow, and feGaussianBlur
  • SVG import support for clipPath text: Now if you use text inside the clipPath, the SVG should still import seamlessly to Studio.
  • Copy SVGs to clipboard: You can now easily bring SVGs into Studio by copying them to your clipboard and pasting them into the Studio editor.

What's fixed?

Along with a handful of other important improvements, your SVG import experience should be rock-solid now that we've fixed numerous bugs:

  • Percentage-based image fills: Image fills on layers with relative / percentage based width now fill the entire layer when the underlying artboard is resized.
  • Throw some shade: We've fixed a couple issues with shadows:
    • Text shadows: Shadows for the Lato font now render as expected.
    • Shadow rendering: If your prototype includes multiple shadows, they should no longer get cut off when scrolling.
  • Bounding Box in export: Masks and combined shapes are now exported with the correct bounding box size.
  • Style overrides on Sketch import: Now if you apply style overrides to symbols in Sketch, the overrides are imported correctly to Studio.
  • Layer ordering: After undoing a delete operation, layers now return to the correct order in the layers list.
  • Safari prototypes: After publishing from Studio to InVision Cloud, now you can view all your prototype screens on Safari as expected.
  • Living large: When importing large and complex files from Sketch, they should now render as expected in Studio.
  • File freezing: You can open large Studio files on Windows now, without running into the issue that had caused some large files to freeze.
  • Overlapping names: If you use long page names and long component names, they will no longer overlap when editing the component master.
  • SVG import bounding box: Now you won't encounter the bug that was causing SVGs with certain borders or masks to import with an inaccurate bounding box size.
  • SVG import coordinates: Layers in imported SVGs now render with the expected coordinates.
  • SVG import rendering: Your imported SVGs will render as expected now. Previously, some imported SVGs were either not rendering at all or were only partially rendering.
  • SVG import for text fills: Text layers with gradient or image fills are now imported as expected.
  • SVG import for text spacing: The text spacing will now import correctly when importing SVGs.
  • SVG import for text layout: Any SVGs you import that include wrapped text will now render as expected.
  • SVG import for tile image fills: Tile image fills now import to Studio exactly as they were exported.
  • SVG import for masks: Masks exported from Studio and then reimported to Studio now display all the mask children correctly.
  • SVG import for images: Images no longer show an inaccurate warning message when imported to Studio.
  • SVG import for radial and linear gradient borders: When importing SVGs with layer groups that have a radial or linear gradient border, the border will now get imported correctly.
  • SVG export for combined shapes: Combined shapes with gradient fills now export as expected.
  • SVG export code cleanup: Exporting SVGs should be cleaner and more user-friendly, now that we removed some unnecessary default properties from the export code.
  • SVG Finder preview: The Finder preview should now display multiple lines of text properly for exported SVGs.
  • SVG import warning messages: If you run into any warning messages while importing SVGs, the messages should be much clearer and more useful now.