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Can I inspect components in DSM?

When adding components to DSM, it’s possible to also add an Inspect view. This is helpful when both designers and developers are accessing shared assets in DSM.

To add Inspect view to a component:

  1. Upload your components to an InVision Cloud prototype using Craft Manager. Each component should exist on a separate artboard. This allows you to create deep links to specific components.
  2. Open the prototype in InVision. Navigate to the screen containing your chosen component and copy the URL.
  3. In the DSM web view, open the component page and click Add tab. Select Embed > Prototype. Enter a Tab Name and paste in the prototype screen URL. Click Preview. If the correct prototype screen is displayed, click Add.

For full screen viewing of Inspect mode, click the expand icon.

The component prototype permissions will still be respected in DSM. To view Inspect mode for a component prototype in DSM, the viewer needs to have proper access in InVision. Learn more about controlling access to a prototype.