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What version of Storybook does DSM support?


DSM supports Storybook 5.1.1 and above, as well as Storybook 4.x. DSM does not yet support stories written in the new MDX story format or the new declarative configuration file that was introduced in version 5.3.

You can still use the DSM integration by using the non-declarative configuration from Storybook 5.2 and earlier versions. Transitioning from the declarative to the non-declarative configuration requires minor modifications. For detailed instructions, check out this article: Using Storybook 5.3 with non-declarative configuration

Note that you don’t lose any features with the non-declarative configuration. DSM will support the configuration approach that’s coming in Storybook v6, so we expect this to be a temporary workaround.

To learn more about integrating Storybook with DSM, check out this article: What Are Live Components?

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