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Anima plugin support discontinued February 11, 2020

Over the last year, we've discovered a number of issues with the Anima plugin impacting how Sketch files are imported via Craft Sync into InVision. The result is longer sync times for Craft users as well as formatting inconsistencies within InVision Cloud prototypes.

Because Anima performs many manipulations on the canvas, it can interfere with other plugins that export data from Sketch (such as Craft). InVision has worked with Anima to address some of these issues but due to the continued customer impact we have decided to discontinue support for using Craft with Anima.

To ensure that Craft is able to export data as expected, we recommend disabling Anima and using Sketch’s smart layout tools that offer similar functionality, namely: Smart Distribute (Sketch 55) and Smart layout (Sketch 58). Craft Manager version 1.0.92 fully supports these capabilities.