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Release Notes: January 2020

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.

InVision Cloud V6

What's fixed or improved?

These issues were fixed or improved in InVision Cloud V6 during January:

  • Marketing opt-in: There's an updated message in the InVision Cloud sign-up form.
  • Drop shadows: When working with mobile prototypes set to landscape mode, drop shadows now extend the full length of the screen.
  • Studio logo: You'll see an updated Studio logo when viewing Studio prototypes.
  • Decimal values in Inspect: If your text line-height data includes decimal values, they are no longer getting rounded down to the nearest whole number in Inspect (e.g., 12.75 would no longer get rounded down to 12).
  • Asset thumbnails: Now if you migrate a project to Private Cloud, the asset thumbnails will work as expected in Inspect mode. Previously, a bug was causing the asset thumbnails to break.
  • Uploading board images: You can upload images to your board without running into the issue that had previously caused some board images to disappear after they were uploaded to InVision.
  • Hover overlays: Viewers will no longer see a flicker when they trigger hover overlays in your prototypes.
  • Boards on mobile: When viewing a board on your mobile device, now you can use the navigation as expected.


What's fixed in Craft Sync version 2.3.148?

Released on January 24th, Craft Sync 2.3.148 includes one big fix:

  • Crashing: Now you can use Craft tools as expected without causing Sketch to crash. This fix also brought Craft Panels—the plugin used to manage Craft tools in Sketch—to version 1.0.60. You can check your Craft Panels version number in Sketch by clicking the Plugins menu and then clicking Manage Plugins:

What's fixed in Craft Stock version 1.0.45?

Released on January 16th, Craft Stock 1.0.45 solves a sign-in issue:

  • Signing in to Getty or iStock: After updating, you should no longer encounter the issue that had been causing a roadblock when trying to sign in to your Getty or iStock account via Craft Stock.

What's fixed in Craft Sync version 2.3.146?

Released on January 10th, Craft Sync 2.3.146 includes a fix for a compatibility issue:

  • Support for Sketch 62: After updating Craft Manager to version 2.3.146, Craft tools should work as expected with Sketch version 62.

Version changes

The version numbers for these Craft tools were updated during January:

  • Craft Manager: 1.0.92 (Sketch and Photoshop)
    Remember, Craft Manager is a separate tool that you use to manage the Craft plugin tool suite; therefore, the version number is different than what you see when clicking Manage plugins in the Sketch Plugins menu.
  • Craft Sync: 2.3.148
  • Craft Panels: version 1.0.60
  • Craft Stock: 1.0.45

See all our Craft updates and fixes: Release Notes: Craft

InVision iOS app

What's new in the InVision iOS app version 2.10.1?

The InVision iOS app version 2.10.1 includes a handful of changes:

  • New minimum OS requirement: You will need iOS 11+ to download the InVision iOS app version 2.10.1 and future builds. If you're using iOS 9 or iOS 10, you can continue using the app; however, you will only be able to download the latest build that supported your OS version.
  • Switching environments: If you're one of the rare people who belongs to a team on InVision Cloud V6 and a team on InVision Cloud V7, you should now be able to switch environments as expected.
  • Signing out: You can now sign out without running into the error that previously caused the app to crash.
  • Avatar highlight: Now when you touch your avatar in the navigation bar, you'll see the pink highlight centered correctly on the avatar.

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InVision security

What's improved or fixed?

These platform updates were made during January:

  • Platform stability and security: To maintain and continually improve the stability and security of InVision Cloud, we implemented additional security measures.

InVision Write

What's new?

It's all new!

Now available in beta, InVision Write lets copywriters, UX writers, and other content producers edit copy for Studio prototypes in InVision Cloud and submit the changes back to Studio, where the designer can easily add the new copy to artboards and then publish the updated prototype to Cloud for further collaboration.

Get familiar with InVision Write now: 

InVision Cloud V7

The following release notes apply to InVision Cloud V7 only; these do not apply to InVision V6.

What's new in Cloud V7?

You may have noticed two new features and some UI improvements implemented in InVision Cloud V7 during January:

  • SSO sign in via public links: If you're a member of an Enterprise team that has SSO (single sign on) enabled, now you can sign in to Cloud V7 via a public document link.
  • Introducing private notes: When commenting on documents in Cloud V7, you can now use notes, which are set to private by default but can be set to open if needed. Using notes is a great new way to categorize your feedback and communication, especially for internal needs such as providing hand-off requirements for engineers. To learn more about the differences between regular comments and notes, check out our guide to Commenting.
  • Revamped design for comment cards: Next time you leave a comment on Cloud V7 document, you'll notice improvements to the UI design for comment cards, which now make it even easier to offer feedback.