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Why am I getting the error message "No stories with DSM component container IDs were found"?

This article references setting up Live Components in DSM. The Live Components feature is currently limited to Enterprise users on a DSM Enterprise plan. Learn more about DSM Enterprise.

When creating live components and attempting to publish Storybook stories to DSM, you may encounter this error: "No stories with DSM component container IDs were found."

One possibility for this error is the misplacement of the options parameter. To publish the story successfully, ensure that the in-dsm object is part of the options parameter object passed to Storybook. Check out the following example using the info parameter from Storybook's Info addon:

'in-dsm': {
id: '5dc18eceef48270ff6ecd045',
 componentPath: './FlatActionButton.vue', 
version: '1.0.0',
info: {
summary: 'summaryText',