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Wondering about fonts in Write mode?

The Write app for Studio and InVision Write for Cloud are both currently available in beta.

When you publish a prototype to InVision Cloud you are uploading to InVision the prototype file as well as the fonts files that the prototype uses.

Using Write mode, InVision Cloud users can edit a prototype’s copy, and the copy will appear in the font styles that were used in the original Studio prototype that was uploaded to InVision Cloud.

Whether you are the original creator of the prototype or you have been invited to contribute to the prototype and are editing copy, it’s important to ensure that you and your collaborators have the necessary rights to use the font. This means that if you are a contributor to a prototype you (or your organization) may need a license from a third-party font licensor to allow you to edit copy using the font and to allow others you share the prototype with to use the font.

So, when deciding whether to use a third-party font in a prototype (when you are the creator) or to edit a font already present in a prototype (when you are a contributor), it is always recommended that you consult your font licensor’s license agreement and informational materials.

Keep in mind that different fonts have different use restrictions and licenses—while some fonts require paid licenses, others are open source and may be used for free. If you’re unsure about whether an intended use is covered under your license we recommend you check with the administrator of your account, the creator of the Studio prototype, and/or the third-party font licensor.

For more information about uploading fonts to InVision Cloud, please refer to our Terms of Service. Also, by way of example, here are some publicly available informational resources from a few of the most common font licensors:

Learn more about using Write for Studio prototypes in InVision Cloud: