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How do I update my Studio file with copy from Write?

The Write app for Studio and InVision Write are both currently available in beta.

If you're a designer working with copy changes submitted from InVision Write to Studio, you'll receive an email notification to let you know there is new copy available for your Studio file.

Before you can add the copy changes, you'll need to install the Write app for Studio.

To add the new copy to your Studio file:

  1. Open the Studio file that corresponds to the related prototype you published to InVision.
  2. In the notification you receive for the new copy, click Review updates, which will open a Copy updates modal with a list of artboards that have copy changes available.
    Alternatively, in the App Dock at the bottom of Studio, click the Write app icon to open the app.
  3. In the Copy updates modal, update your artboards individually or click Update all.


After completing the steps above, the new copy will be visible in your Studio file’s artboards; however, you will need to re-publish the file to InVision before the copy updates are visible in Viewing, Commenting, or Inspect mode.

Learn more about using Write for Studio prototypes in InVision: