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What is InVision Write?

InVision Write empowers copywriters, UX writers, and content producers to collaborate seamlessly with designers, using dedicated tools that offer a tailored experience.

Writers can edit copy for Studio prototypes published on InVision Cloud, and designers can update the corresponding Studio files with the new copy—after installing the InVision Write app for Studio.

Getting started with InVision Write

While any stakeholder can use InVision Write to submit copy changes, we created the tools with writers and designers in mind. The quick steps to get started vary depending on your role.


If you're a writer or any other stakeholder who needs to edit a Studio prototype's copy:

  1. Sign in to your InVision Cloud account and open the prototype you need to edit.
  2. In the toolbar below the canvas, click the Text icon (invision-cloud-view-prototype-write-mode.png).


If you're a designer, get started by downloading and installing the Write app for Studio.

Once you’ve installed the Write app for Studio, you can:

  • Start receiving copy edits—submitted via Write mode—for Studio prototypes you've published to InVision Cloud.
  • Add the new copy to the corresponding artboards—either individually or all artboards at once.
  • Publish your updated prototype to InVision Cloud and share it with the rest of your team for further collaboration.

Learning more about InVision Write

Learn more about using Write for Studio prototypes in InVision Cloud: