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Release Notes: December 2019

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.

InVision Cloud V6

What's fixed or improved?

These issues were fixed or improved in InVision Cloud V6 during December:

  • Scrolling issue in Comment mode: Opening comments in Comment mode on larger screens no longer triggers excessive scrolling to the right.
  • Over quota prototypes: If you try to share a prototype that puts you over quota for your account, you'll see an updated, clearer error message in share links: “This share link cannot be viewed because this account is over quota. Reach out to the prototype owner for more information.”
  • Scroll position issue: If you have not selected the Maintain scroll position after click hotspot setting, the scroll position is no longer errantly maintained when viewing a prototype in the Android mobile browser.
  • The more, the merrier: All Enterprise teams can once again invite new members as needed.
  • Hovering over a screen: When you hover over a prototype screen, the View Screen button and other interactive elements are now displayed as expected.
  • Hotspot creation: If you cancel a previously added hotspot, now you can immediately create a new hotspot without hitting a roadblock. 
  • Missing ZIP codes: If you've established recurring payments for your InVision account but haven't provided your ZIP code and state of residency, you may receive in-app prompts to add the missing info so the next payment you've schedule can be completed as expected.
  • Issue with long team names: You may notice that we've increased the width of the team selection dropdown to accommodate teams with longer names.
  • Duplicate profiles: When inviting members via the People tab, typing capital letters in the email address will no longer result in duplicate accounts.
  • Onboarding flows: New Enterprise members with a Reviewer role will no longer see a misleading onboarding flow when getting started with InVision Cloud.


What's new in Studio 1.26.0?

You expect your design tool to to be fast and responsive, especially when working with interactions and prototypes. So you'll be happy to hear we've been working on incorporating an all-new rendering technology into Studio, giving you 29% faster rendering and response to interactions.

Here's the complete list of new additions:

  • Speedy animations: Your prototyping interactions will now feel much more realistic, thanks to animation and scrolling that are now approximately 3x faster.
  • Faster canvas: Getting around the canvas and interacting with your content is now 20% faster.
  • Shadow blurs: In a win for consistency, shadow blurs now match CSS values correctly. Additionally, you now have more control over the falloff of shadow blurs, so with this change some of your shadows may render a bit different and could need adjustment.
  • Smooth shadow corners: In a nod to the modern rounded corner trend, shadows now render smoothly around layers with rounded corner borders.
  • Mask blending: Studio now supports blend modes on layers within masks, because why not?
  • Grade-A gradients: Your beloved gradients also get some love with these updates: You can now add many more than 8 colors to a gradient fill; gradients are now smoother with less banding; gradients now also support full opacity with each color.

What's improved or fixed in Studio 1.26.0?

This release includes numerous important fixes:

  • Export while hidden: Exporting a selection now works correctly even if you have the inspector panel hidden.
  • Image fills: Dragging an image from the web onto the image fill drop target now works as expected.
  • Guiding a path edit: When Smart Guides are disabled, they'll no longer periodically appear while editing a path (unless you turn Smart Guides back on, of course).
  • Batch renaming: Entering "$N" in the rename dialog now correctly registers as an increment, letting you rename layers in bulk as expected.
  • Text fills on SVG import: Now you can import SVGs that have fills applied to text layers Studio errantly importing them as rectangle layers.
  • Gradient SVG export: Linear gradients now export to SVG as expected.
  • Text layers in SVG export: Text layers with both a fill and color now export to SVG as expected.
  • SVG export positioning: When exporting layers to SVG from the component edit screen, they will now maintain the correct positioning.
  • SVG export text shadows and borders: Text layers exported to SVG no longer incorrectly show shadows and borders.
  • Border corners: Rounded border corners render uniformly without bulging artifacts.
  • Don't clip the group: Shadows and borders that were previously incorrectly clipped by group bounds now render correctly.
  • Canvas and Preview rendering: Overall, rendering of layers correctly on the canvas and in the Preview window is much improved and more reliable now, leading to a more pleasant experience for you.
  • Font rendering: You'll notice various improvements in Studio's rendering of certain fonts. Most obviously, this release has reduced differences you'd see when switching to edit mode on a text layer.

What's new in Studio 1.25.0?

Based on feedback from users like you, we've invested in significant UX enhancements for the App Store within Studio, focusing on increased usability and easier discovery of apps and assets.

  • Navigation: Find your way with no trouble, thanks to the more-streamlined navigation and polished experience throughout the App Store.
  • Discovery: The new Discover view highlights featured apps and includes sections for recommended apps and assets, all curated by the InVision team.
  • Searching: Your feedback was loud and clear, and we agree—a good search feature makes life all the easier. You can now search the App Store to find just the app or asset kit you need.
  • Sorting: You can now sort the App and Asset lists in their respective views.

What's improved or fixed in Studio 1.25.0?

Studio 1.25.0 offers some key improvements and fixes:

  • Text in SVG exports: Studio now supports exporting text in your SVGs.
  • Reliable SVG exports: Say goodbye to doing manual cleanup of exported SVGs! We've simplified how assets are exported, making them far more reliable as production-ready assets.
  • Canvas freeze: You can delete interactions as needed, without worrying that your canvas might intermittently freeze. Previously, deleting an interaction could sometimes cause the canvas to freeze.
  • Batch rename: Performing a batch rename on a selection containing groups and/or combined shapes with Canvas Position chosen should now work as expected.
  • Responsive rendering: Icons set to center and right alignment on the canvas should now render correctly after adjusting the artboard size.
  • SVG export: Exporting SVGs is now much more reliable due to fixes for distorted icons, flipped layers, text weights, shadows, and rotated components.
  • SVG import: Importing SVGs is also much more reliable now that we've made fixes for opacity, images, and path commands.
  • Previewing SVG exports: SVG exports containing resized objects should now preview correctly in Finder on macOS.

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What's fixed in Craft Manager version 1.0.91?

Released on December 10, 2019, Craft Manager version 1.0.91 includes:

  • Ship-shape: Now you can see symbols and groups in Inspect as expected, including symbols and groups that contain path or line shapes—which had previously prevented them from appearing in Inspect.

What's new in Design System Manager version 1.1.25?

Design System Manager (DSM) version 1.1.25 includes an important addition:

  • Embed webpages in components: Now you can embed external web pages in any DSM component you've saved as a component container. The new functionality lets you enrich your component documentation in DSM with examples from InVision Cloud V7 prototypes, CodePen, Pattern Lab, and other services. Get familiar with the feature now: Embedding external webpages in DSM

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InVision security

What's improved or fixed?

These platform updates were made during December:

  • Platform stability and security: To maintain and continually improve the stability and security of InVision Cloud, we implemented additional security measures.

InVision Cloud V7

The following release notes apply to InVision Cloud V7 only; these do not apply to InVision V6.

What's new in Cloud V7?

You may have noticed a couple of new additions to Cloud V7 during December:

  • Public commenting: Now you can view and leave comments on public document links.
  • Comment tally in toolbar: When you open a prototype screen in Cloud V7, the Comment mode icon (invision-cloud-v7-comment-mode-tally-icon.png) in the toolbar now includes the total number of comments on that screen.