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Why can't I update my Studio file with the new copy that's available via InVision Write?

The Write app for Studio and InVision Write are both currently available in beta.

To update your Studio file with copy changes you've received via Write mode in InVision, you’ll first need to install the Write app for Studio.

If you have already installed the Write app in Studio but are still unable to update your Studio file with copy changes you've received,  these troubleshooting tips may help:

  • Check that you've opened the correct Studio file—it must be the same file you used to publish the prototype to InVision.
  • Check that you have the correct InVision prototype selected in Studio: Above the Inspector panel in Studio, click Publish (studio-publish-icon.png) and select the prototype name that corresponds to the copy update you received.
  • Reload the Write app: In Studio, click the Apps menu, and then click Reload Apps.

If you find that none of the tips above fix the trouble, please reach out to InVision Support.

Learn more about using Write for Studio prototypes in InVision: