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How do I edit copy in Write and submit the changes to Studio?

The Write app for Studio and InVision Write for Cloud are both currently available in beta.

Making copy changes to a Studio prototype you're working with in InVision Cloud involves editing the prototype in Write mode and then submitting the changes so your designer can access the new copy in Studio.

Copy edits you save in Write mode will remain visible while in Write mode; however, to see the new copy in Play mode, Inspect mode, Comment mode, or in the original Studio file, you will first need to submit the changes—as described below—so the designer can add them in Studio and publish back to InVision Cloud.

Editing copy in Write mode

To edit a Studio prototype’s copy in Write mode:

  1. Open the prototype in InVision Cloud and click the Text icon (invision-cloud-view-prototype-write-mode.png).
  2. Hover over the copy you want to edit until you see a red outline around the copy.
    If you do not see a red outline when hovering, the copy cannot be edited. This is mostly likely because the copy is part of an image layer, rather than a text layer, in the designer's Studio file.
  3. Click inside the red outline and begin typing once the cursor is flashing.
  4. When you're finished editing, click anywhere else on the screen and Write will automatically save your changes.

While in Write mode, you can also double-click a block of copy to select and replace (rewrite) it all.

Once you're happy with all your copy changes to the prototype, it's time to submit the complete list of changes so your designer can add them in the Studio file.

Submitting copy edits to Studio

To submit copy you've edited with Write mode:

  1. If necessary, click the Text icon (invision-cloud-view-prototype-write-mode.png) again to ensure that you're in Write mode.
  2. Below the list of copy blocks you've edited, click Submit changes.
  3. In the confirmation modal, enter a description for your changes, and then click Submit.

After submitting your changes, the designer will receive a notification in Studio (via the Write app for Studio) and can use the new copy as needed. If the designer accepts the changes you've submitted, you'll receive an email notification to let you know.

To get familiar with common ways designers use copy submitted via Write, check out this article: What can I do with the copy in Write?

Learn more about using Write for Studio prototypes in InVision Cloud: