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Why am I seeing a "You appear to be a robot" message?

You might see the message You appear to be a robot if you're viewing an InVision prototype via an unusual method rather than directly in a supported web browser. This error is displayed as part of security measure designed to protect against web crawlers (commonly referred to as "robots" or "bots") that may try to pull information from publicly accessible documents.

If you encounter this error while using InVision normally via a supported browser and device, please contact InVision Support so that we can investigate further.

If you're seeing this message and don't know what InVision is, you may be trying to view a prototype that was built in InVision using a method we don't support. We’ve recently discovered that some designers are sharing their prototypes via various survey apps (e.g., Ad It Up, Dabbi, Giftloop, etc.) to gather feedback, and we've seen that users are more likely to run into this error through those survey apps because of the way it embeds the prototype.

If you are trying to complete one of these surveys and you've run into this error, we're unfortunately unable to help you complete the survey. We’d encourage you to instead contact the maker of the app you’re using to discuss this issue.