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How do I manage multiple brands with Design System Manager (DSM)?


While there are endless possibilities for managing your design system with DSM, we've compiled a few steps for managing multiple brands that have worked well for other DSM users.

  1. Create a core library. This library will contain all of your components, colors, text styles, and layer styles. Designers will use this library to build prototypes.
  2. Duplicate the core library, but delete the components. Leave only the colors, text styles, and layer styles.
  3. Update the colors, text styles, and layer styles to match the new brand and upload them to the new DSM library.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each additional brand library you need to create. If using DSM Enterprise, you may want to publish a version of each library.

Now designers can use the components from the core library to build their prototypes. When ready, they can switch to the alternate brand library in the DSM Sketch tool and click the sync icon (dsm-sync-library-icon.png). All the components should update accordingly.


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