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Release Notes: October 2019

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.

InVision Cloud V6

What's fixed or improved?

These issues were fixed or improved in InVision Cloud V6 during October:

  • Unsaved comments: If you start to add a comment to a prototype on InVision Cloud but then exit Comment mode before your feedback has finished posting (i.e., has been saved), now you'll see a warning message.
  • Sign-in loop: If you use Craft Manager to switch from an InVision Cloud V7 account to a Cloud V6 account, now you can sign in as expected—without getting stuck in a re-load loop during the sign-in process.
  • LinkedIn sharing: Now you can show off your prototypes on LinkedIn without running into the bug that had been causing prototype share links posted on LinkedIn to prompt an invalid "You appear to be a robot" message.
  • Google+ social share: The Google+ social share option has been removed from the share modal for Invision boards.
  • Twitter social share: Clicking the Twitter icon in the share modal for Invision boards will now open a pre-written tweet that includes the name of the board and a link to open the board.
  • Inbox: You'll see new comments as expected now when you click the notification icon (invision-cloud-new-comment-notification-icon.png) or open Inbox.


What's new in Studio 1.23.1?

Enjoy some import-ant SVG improvements, a few staggering changes to the Timeline editor, and some fresh looks throughout:

  • Fresh appearance: You'll notice a spruced up look and feel across the Studio app—including an updated onboarding tour, new layout for the top bar of the app including a new location for the Tools menu (the + button), refreshed iconography in the layer list, easier navigation in Edit Master mode and the Timeline editor, and updated tooltips throughout the app.
  • Precise timing: Working in the Timeline editor to get that smooth animation you've always dreamed of is now easier than ever. The new Stagger option lets you automatically stagger (with custom amounts) the ranges across multiple layers, along with some handy Align options (Start, Start and End, End) that make it simple to match timing across multiple layers. You can also now do a simple reset back to default for the delay, duration, and timing curve adjustments for the selected ranges.

What's improved in Studio 1.23.1?

This release includes quite a few noteworthy improvements:

  • Text to your SVG: We know how important text can be in your SVG assets, so Studio now features support for text while importing SVGs to ensure these assets look just as you'd expect.
  • Onboarding tour: The Studio Tour now features a refreshed appearance and helpful GIFs for new users.
  • Flipping: The Flip Vertical and Flip Horizontal buttons have been removed from the inspector sidebar and are now conveniently shown in the context menu when you right-click any layer(s) that can be flipped.
  • Radius: Have no fear, the Radius option is still here—it's just moved up a few sections in the inspector sidebar.
  • Combined shapes: You can now create a combined shape within a component while in Edit Master mode by dragging a layer on top of another in the layers list.
  • Zooming: When using the trackpad to zoom, you'll notice the behavior feels much more natural now that it's based on the speed of your gesture.
  • Edit Master: To make it easier to find, the Edit Master button is now conveniently located in the Component section of the inspector sidebar.
  • Cursors: The cursor you see when hovering over the canvas will now be more descriptive of the action you're taking.
  • Keeping it text-y: When you're already editing a text layer, selecting other text layers now puts you right into editing mode because you're right—unnecessary clicks are the worst!

What's fixed in Studio 1.23.1?

This release also includes a number of fixes:

  • SVG fixes: You should notice improved reliability of importing SVGs (more accurate fills, layout, positioning, etc.) thanks to a series of bug fixes.
  • Down to the last layer: After exiting the Timeline editor, you can now correctly see all your layers in the layers list, even when scrolling to the very bottom.
  • Bulk fills and gradients: Selecting multiple layers and adjusting the fill or gradient should now work as expected.
  • Previewing a drag/swipe: Both Drag and Swipe interactions should now let you reliably... wait for it... drag and swipe while in Preview mode.
  • Full screen close: Using the keyboard shortcut to close the Preview window when in Full Screen mode no longer leaves you with a dreaded blank screen.
  • Artboard-less layer preview: The Preview window now shows the correct content after moving an artboard-less layer onto the current artboard.
  • Key down: When previewing artboards with Key Down interactions, clicking the key or holding down the trigger key before the animation is finished no longer repeats the same animation and now correctly advances to the next one.
  • Obscuring the dropper: Rulers and the pixel grid no longer obstruct your view when using the eye dropper tool, allowing you to pick the perfect color from your screen.

What's fixed in Studio 1.22.3?

Studio 1.22.3 includes fixes for additional macOS Catalina support:

  • Smooth sailing on Catalina: Most notably, you can once again correctly import text layers from Sketch while on Catalina.

What's fixed in Studio 1.22.2?

Hi there, Catalina! Happy to work together:

  • macOS Catalina support: With macOS Catalina, Apple introduced a new security measure, which required a slight tweak to our code so Apple can ensure that InVision has a notarized Apple Developer ID. Spoiler: Of course we do! After upgrading to Studio 1.22.2, customers on macOS Catalina should no longer run into an error when opening Studio.

What's fixed in the Studio App Store?

Released on October 3rd, we corrected a couple of minor bugs in Studio App Store:

  • Backend promotions API fix: You probably won't notice a change on this one, but we corrected a minor bug in the backend promotions API that was interfering with queries.

See all our Studio updates and fixes: Release Notes: Studio

Studio apps

What's new in the Find & Replace Studio app, version 0.3.0?

It's all new! The newly launched Find & Replace app (released on October 31st) lets you easily search through your Studio prototype to easily find and replace text, colors, and/or fonts.


What's new in the Shades Studio app, version 0.4.0?

Another newly launched Studio app (released on October 31st), the Shades app offers an intentionally simple solution for quickly comparing and implementing various shades of a given color.


What's new in the Contrast Studio app, version 0.2.2?

Yet another new Studio app released last month (October 31st), the Contrast app lets you quickly check contrast ratios in your designs so you can ensure that the prototype meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) guidelines provided by W3C. Cheers to better accessibility for all!


What's improved in the Getty Studio app, version 0.5.3?

The latest version of our Getty app, released on October 2nd, includes a handy new feature:

  • Share your feedback: Now you can submit feedback or report any potential bugs to InVision Support without leaving the Getty app: Click the More menu in the upper-right corner, and then click Give Feedback.

What's fixed in the Getty app, version 0.5.3, for Studio?

The latest version of our Getty app, released on October 2nd, includes one fix:

  • They see me scrollin': Now you can scroll in the Getty app without the trouble that scrolling caused after updating to Studio 1.22.0.

What's fixed in the Type Scale app, version 0.1.9, for Studio?

The latest version of Type Scale (released on October 2nd) includes one fix:

  • Hit a snag: This one won't affect your experience, but we fixed a non-customer-facing bug caused by an internal Bugsnag error.


What's fixed in Craft Manager version 1.0.89?

Craft Manager version 1.0.89, released on October 18th, includes a crucial fix:

  • Sync times: You may have recently noticed it taking longer than usual to publish your prototypes via Craft Sync. This version of Craft Manager resolves the bug that was causing the lag.
    Remember, Craft Manager is a separate tool that you use to manage the Craft plugin tool suite; therefore, the version number is different than what you see when clicking Manage plugins in the Sketch Plugins menu.

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InVision security

What's improved or fixed?

These platform updates were made during October:

  • Platform stability and security: To maintain and continually improve the stability and security of InVision Cloud, we implemented additional security measures.

InVision Cloud V7

The following release notes apply to InVision Cloud V7 only; these do not apply to InVision V6.

What's improved in Cloud V7?

The following improvement was released in InVision Cloud V7 during October: