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Be alert to scammers who misrepresent themselves as recruiters for InVision


This week, we became aware that a number of individuals had been targeted by scammers who misrepresented themselves as employees of InVision and used fraudulent job listings to ensnare victims. This is a common tactic that large companies see and these scammers often prey on job seekers' hopes and dreams of finding that perfect job to get them to hand over sensitive personal information or to trick them into sending them bank account information and/or purchasing equipment or training from a "trusted" vendor.

Please be extra cautious if you see a job listing on a third-party job website and be especially careful about what information you share during the interview process. We've put together some suggestions for how to protect yourself from this scam and encourage anyone who may have been a victim of a scammer misrepresenting themselves as working for InVision to contact the InVision Support team so that we can investigate and take action.

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