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Can I transfer InVision V7 documents from one account to another?


This article provides answers for InVision V7. If you’re on InVision V6, read this article instead. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

Currently, you can transfer InVision V7 documents from one space to another yourself; however, transferring your InVision V7 documents from one account to another requires a helping hand from InVision Support. To transfer InVision V7 documents to another account, please contact InVision Support.

For answers to common questions we receive about transferring documents in InVision V7, check out the FAQs below.

What document types can be transferred?

InVision Support can help you transfer the following types of documents from one InVision V7 account to another:

  • Prototypes—any prototype published via Studio or Craft Sync as well as any created directly in InVision V7
  • Freehands
  • Boards

Support can also help duplicate your DSM libraries to another account, though this is not a complete transfer. Instead, the duplication process essentially involves placing a snapshot of the DSM library into the target account, yet the DSM library remains in the initiating account. Once the DSM library has been duplicated to another account, changes to that duplicate library will not impact the original library (in the initiating account).

Are prototype comments & hotspots transferred?

Yes, the entire prototype is transferred—complete with comments and hotspots.

Do share links still work as expected after a prototype is transferred?

Yes, share links are retained, so you do not need to recreate your share links after transferring a prototype.

Are prototype collaborators dropped or retained if the prototype is transferred to a target account that they already belong to?

If the prototype collaborators are also members of the account the prototype is being transferred to, they will remain collaborators and retain access to the prototype. If the prototype is later transferred back to the original account, previously allowed collaborators—who still belong to the original account—will be automatically added back to the document.

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