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InVision Cloud V7: Can I organize my Cloud V7 prototype screens into sections?


This article provides answers for InVision Cloud V7. If you’re on V6 of InVision, read this article instead. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

With InVision Cloud V7, you can organize your prototype screens into different sections. This is especially helpful when working with larger prototypes.

Currently, it's not possible to create sections within Studio prototypes.

Creating a new section

To create a new screen section:

  1. Open your prototype to the screens overview page.
  2. Hover above a row of screens until you see the gray New section option, and then left-click.
  3. In the text field, type a name for the section, and press Enter on your keyboard.
    The number displayed next to the section name indicates the number of screens that are included in the section.

Moving screens from one section to another

To move screens from one section to another:

  1. Open your prototype to the screens overview page.
  2. Hover over a screen until the screen thumbnail dims and you see additional options.
  3. Select the screen: At the top-left corner, click the round selection icon.
    Once you've selected the screen, you will see a toolbar at the bottom of the browser window, and the other screens in the prototype will also become selectable.
  4. Select any other screens that you want to move.
  5. In the toolbar at the bottom of the browser window, click the Move selection drop-down, and then click the name of the section you want to move the screens to.


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