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What is the Shades Studio app?

The Shades Studio app is an intentionally simple solution for quickly grabbing various shades of a given color. Simply enter the hex code of a color (or use the color picker), and the Shades app will display multiple variations to select and apply to your layer/s in Studio.


To use Shades:

  1. Select the layer or layers to which you want to apply a color.
  2. In the Studio App Store dock, click the Shades icon (invision-studio-shades-app-icon.png).
  3. If wanted, edit the Steps field to change the number of colors Shades will recommend.
  4. In the Color field, enter a color value.
    Shades supports RGB, Lab, and HSL color values, and you can click the Mode drop-down to change the option.
  5. In the rows of recommended color shades, click the color you want to apply.