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Are there keyboard shortcuts for Inspect?

When using Inspect in InVision Cloud, improve your workflow with these shortcuts.

The following shortcuts do not apply to Studio prototypes. To learn what shortcuts are available when inspecting Studio prototypes, check out this article: Are there keyboard shortcuts in Inspect for Studio?



Left/Right arrow keys

Move to the previous/next screen in a prototype


Toggle ruler


Open the screen drawer to view all screens and—if you have edit access—add new screens


Select the zoom tool

Command +/-

Zoom in/out


Hold to select the hand tool, and then click and drag screen


When measuring from a text layer, hold Option to measure from the text baseline (release Option to measure from the cap height)

Command + click (Ctrl + click for Windows)

Hold Command and hover over the screen to select the most deeply nested layer

For a full list of shortcuts available in InVision Cloud, check out this article: Does InVision Cloud have keyboard shortcuts?