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Does the DSM web view update automatically when I update DSM in Sketch?


If you add, remove, or edit any items in your Design System Manager (DSM) library via Sketch, those changes will automatically appear in the draft in the DSM web view.

Things to note

Here are a few important things to note about updating elements in your DSM library.

  • If you're on a DSM Enterprise plan, and you're using library versions, be aware that the steps described in this article only refer to updating the draft. For more information on using library versions, check out this article: Version Control in DSM
  • If using Live Components, note that the coded component synced via Storybook will not update if changes are made to the design component in Sketch. You will see the design component update in the DSM web view, but any changes made to the coded component must be synced from Storybook. To learn more, check out our guide on Live Components.

Viewing changes in the DSM web view

To view changes in the DSM web view:

  1. In Sketch, click the DSM icon (dsm-icon.png).
  2. Make the necessary changes to your library element.
  3. While viewing the element in the DSM modal, click the Open in web icon (open-in-web-icon.png).

The DSM web view will open in a new browser tab, showing the updated library element.



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