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Release Notes: July 2019

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.

InVision Studio

There were three new versions of Studio released during July: 1.20.0, 1.21.0, and 1.22.0

What's improved in Studio 1.22.0?

What's more exciting than a couple bug fixes and improvements? FIVE bug fixes and improvements!

  • What's in a name?: Batch renaming layers using the Type variable now use the correct, new name for those round shapes you created—Ellipses, not Ovals.
  • Supercalifragilist—: Really long layer names will no longer cause the example text in the Batch Rename window to get cut off.

What's fixed in Studio 1.22.0?

Here are the fixes you may notice with Studio 1.22.0:

  • A fresh start: Do you have the new Launcher UI? Did you notice that starting new documents using the + button would cause issues rendering images in the Preview window? Well, not any more!
  • Location, location, location: Adding a new text layer inside a container will actually create the layer where you clicked.
  • Stay in focus: Typing Tab in a text field no longer moves the focus to another layer.

What's new in Studio 1.21.0?

Rectangle Rectangle Ellipse Group Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle Shape Rectangle

  • Batch to the future: Select multiple layers or artboards and batch rename them, using the keyboard shortcut: Cmd/Ctrl + R
  • Easy as 1-2-3: When using the new batch renaming feature, prepend or append variables such as an increment counter, layer type, or layer name to all renamed layers.

What's improved in Studio 1.21.0?

Here are the improvements you'll enjoy with Studio 1.21.0:

  • Parental guidance: To prevent accidentally selecting and editing a component's child layer rather than the component itself, the resizing handles are now hidden for layers inside a component. You can, however, still move and resize component child layers by using the keyboard or Inspector.
  • Along for the ride: Custom ruler guides defined inside Sketch symbols will now be included in the import process.
  • Bring balance to the Force: Switch between Dark and Light themes before you leave the Studio Launcher, using the View > Theme menu.
  • Missed connections: While working offline, now you can restart Studio without the app signing you out.

What's fixed in Studio 1.21.0?

Here's what's been fixed with Studio 1.21.0:

  • What a drag: The previous release of Studio broke scrolling in the Preview window when clicking and dragging with a mouse. Now you can once again drag to your heart's content!
  • You want the truth?: The width of a component displayed in the Inspector should now match the actual width.
  • Hide and go seek: If you paste in images as part of a larger group of layers, now the Preview window will more accurately display the images instead of hiding them from view.
  • Safety first: Duplicating really large pages should no longer cause Studio to crash.

What's new in Studio 1.20.0?

Introducing a measurable improvement to the Studio workflow—rulers!

  • That rules!: Check out the new rulers feature, which lets you see coordinates that enable precise layouts.
  • A little guidance, please: Create horizontal and vertical guides from rulers, so you can snap your layers to the guide for perfect alignment.
  • Grow with the flow: To ensure that your ruler guides move as expected if you edit the artboard size, pin the guides or set them to scale.

Get familiar with Studio rulers: Rulers and grids in Studio

What's improved in Studio 1.20.0?

You may notice these improvements with Studio 1.20.0:

  • Badge of honor: You'll notice slightly more prominent notifications when any apps you've installed have updates available.
  • Color me impressed: When converting an artboard into a component, the artboard will now retain its background color.

What's fixed in Studio 1.20.0?

Here are the bug fixes you'll see with Studio 1.20.0:

  • Next!: When working with Studio files in Comment or Inspect mode on InVision Cloud, you'll notice that any keyboard triggers you have mapped to the arrow keys will no longer conflict with navigating between artboards.
  • Good behavior: Using keyboard modifiers to select multiple layers now behaves more consistently—whether selecting layers in the Timeline editor or in the Layers panel of the main Studio editor.
  • Free range clickin': You can now select multiple layers in the Timeline editor by clicking either the layers list (which worked as expected before) or the layer range (which didn't).
  • True identity: Containers now show the correct icon next to the layer name in the Timeline editor.
  • For instance: Duplicating layers by holding Opt/Alt and dragging is a great shortcut, but it shouldn't work on layers inside component instances. Now the structure of a component instance will remain intact even after an attempt to duplicate its children.
  • Look over there: Using Paste in Place when pasting a container will no longer cause the canvas to jump to another location far from where you pasted the content.
  • No need to stick around: Artboard presets are now removed from the canvas immediately after you add a new text layer.

What's changed in the Studio App Store?

You may notice a these updates, improvements, and fixes in the Studio App Store:

  • Come on in!: As of the Studio 1.19.0, you can open the Studio App Store via the Studio menu bar: Apps > Open App Store
  • Notifications: Also released with Studio 1.19.0, now you'll get notified in the App Store Dock when there's an update available for any of the Studio apps you have installed.
  • Always improving: You may notice a handful of other general bug fixes and error improvements for the Studio App Store, most of which were released with Studio 1.20.0.

InVision Cloud

What's New?

These issues were fixed or improved in InVision Cloud during July:

  • New share link design: When using a share link to view a prototype, you'll see a newly designed share link experience.
  • Inspect in share links: All share links now have an Inspect button (invision-share-link-inspect-button.png). Depending on the project and account permission settings, the new button lets the user either access Inspect or request access to Inspect.
  • Disable the Inspect button: If you don't want people to access Inspect while viewing your prototype via a share link, you can open the share link settings and disable the Inspect button.
  • Hide InVision UI in share links: To hide the InVision watermark logo and the Comment, Inspect, and Screens buttons when viewing a prototype via a share link, use the keyboard shortcut: Command+Shift+Period
  • Improved downgrading process: Should you ever need to downgrade your InVision plan, now you have the option to stop your recurring payments in advance yet remain on the premium plan until the end of your billing cycle. For more information, check out this related article: What are InVision’s refund policies?

What's Fixed or Improved?

These issues were fixed or improved in InVision Cloud during July:

  • DSM error handling: The way Inspect handles errors related to DSM has been improved.
  • Come into focus:
    • Now when you're entering the password for protected share links, the Password field will automatically focus.
    • When working in InVision Build mode, clicking the Fixed Header or Fixed Footer checkbox will now automatically highlight the corresponding input field so you can enter your preferred height.
  • Product updates: The Product Updates link will now open the correct article.
  • Left & Right arrows: When working in InVision Build mode or viewing a prototype via a share link, holding a special key—Option/Alt, Command, Shift, and so on—while pressing the Left & Right arrow keys will prevent the arrow keys from navigating the prototype. This lets you use keyboard shortcuts as needed.
  • Screen history: You can now see the full date as expected when viewing the screen history.
  • Board items in Inbox: When your Inbox includes a comment from a board item, now you can jump into the board directly from the Inbox comment.
  • Natural sort: Comments in any PDF or ZIP exports are now sorted naturally.
  • Transparent image backgrounds: If your team or profile icons have transparent backgrounds, that should now be reflected in InVision Cloud.
  • Secure connection for managing share links: We now use HTTPS connection for the Manage Share Links modal.
  • Export names: Prototypes exported in ZIP or PDF formats now include the actual prototype names.


There were two new releases for Craft Manager (1.0.84 and 1.0.85) and one new release for Craft Sync (2.3.136) during July.

Remember, Craft Manager is a separate tool that you use to manage the Craft plugin suite; therefore, the version number is different than what you see when clicking Manage plugins in the Sketch Plugins menu.

See all our Craft release notes.

What's fixed in Craft Manager 1.0.85?

Here are the corrections you'll notice after updating to Craft Manager 1.0.85, released on July 25th:

  • Hey, that looks familiar: You'll notice a slightly tweaked sign-in flow to bring greater consistency among InVision Cloud, Studio, and Craft sign-in experiences.
  • SSO sign-in issue: The issue that was preventing some Enterprise customers who use SSO from signing in to Craft has been resolved.
  • Don't leave me hangin': You shouldn't run into the issue that had been causing Craft to sometimes hang on the Publishing modal and require a restart.
  • A little bit faster now: You may notice some speed improvements when publishing from Craft.

What's new in Craft Manager 1.0.84?

Rolled out in waves between June 27th and August 8th, the new Craft publishing flow offers a better, faster experience:

  • New Publishing modal: You'll see a more intuitive Publishing modal—designed to give you quicker access to important settings (like pixel density) as well as make it easier to search prototypes, update existing prototypes, and create new prototypes:
  • Enough lawlessness! Maintain order... of your artboards: When publishing your Sketch file to InVision Cloud, you can now choose the order in which Craft Sync will upload your artboards:
    This setting only applies when publishing new artboards for the first time. When publishing changes to existing artboards, they will remain in the same order as they currently appear on the web.
    For details about the new artboard ordering feature, check out the "Organizing artboards before Syncing" section of the Craft Sync guide.

What's fixed in Craft Manager 1.0.84?

This release for Craft Manager 1.0.84 includes one fix:

  • Inspect your overrides: Overrides on symbols, layer styles, and text styles from a Sketch library are now sent to Inspect as expected.

What's fixed in Craft Sync 2.3.136?

There's one big bug fix you'll notice after updating to Craft Sync 2.3.136, released on July 19th:

  • Disappearing act: You should no longer encounter the issue that had left Craft prototype links "invisible" after upgrading to Sketch 56.

Design System Manager (DSM)

What's New?

This new feature was released in DSM (version 1.1.9) during July:

  • HTML for Storybooks: DSM now supports Storybooks based on HTML, allowing more teams to embed coded components on the web.

What's Fixed?

You'll see the following fixes and enhancements to DSM live components after updating to DSM version 1.1.9:

  • Improved Storybooks support: Now when you duplicate a DSM library that contains Storybooks, the Storybooks will be included in the duplicate library as well.
  • Better error handling: Should you encounter a common error when working with DSM live components, DSM will now display a warning.

See all our DSM updates and fixes in the Craft release notes.

InVision Cloud V7

The following release notes apply to InVision Cloud V7 only; these do not apply to InVision V6.

What's New in Cloud V7?

These new features were released in InVision Cloud V7 during July:

  • Space listings: Now you can see whether a Space is public or private at a glance. The new, more contextual thumbnails on the Spaces landing page include icons that indicate whether the space is set to private (invision-cloud-v7-space-private-icon.png) or public (invision-cloud-v7-space-public-icon.png).
  • Adjust privacy settings without leaving a space: When working in a space, you can now click the private or public icon in the upper-left corner to change the privacy setting.

What's Fixed in Cloud V7?

This issue was addressed in InVision Cloud V7 during July:

  • Better context for new guests: When guests join InVision but are not yet collaborating on any documents, they will now be given better context for getting started: