Meet the Ambassadors

Michele (Mikele) De Sousa

Like many people, Michéle (Mikele) has been on a journey to find direction in his life and on his journey, he has found that design has been his True North. With that realization, he has been using design to assist organizations to find their True North by steering them in the right direction using design as a compass.

As an experience designer, natural problem solver and inventor he uses his natural problem-solving skills to assist in solving real-world problems and in his time, has had the privilege of working on some of the most innovative digital products and features on the planet.

With his background in experience design, design thinking, phycology, behavioral economics and development (front and back-end, web and app development) he can create ideal end to end solutions.

Outside of his day-to-day Michéle (Mikele) loves giving back to the design community in the form of knowledge sharing and mentorship. He loves helping others. His true purpose is time he gets to spends with his 2 angels (his beautiful wife and daughter). Feel free to get in touch.

Caleb Williams

Caleb is a freelance Product Designer based in a growing tech city, Waterloo, Canada. His background in Sales and Marketing has really given him a solid foundation for understanding why it is important to create products users will enjoy. Caleb enjoys solving complex design problems by running sprints and applying design principles. Outside of his work as a designer, he loves reading, working out and making people laugh.

Ashima Sood

Ashima Sood is a user experience designer, currently based out of India. After receiving a Masters in Interaction design from the University of Kansas, she went on to work with the UX design teams at Sprint and then at JDA software.

Today she works as a design manager at Traform, she handles Digital transformation for their AI product where she draws from her experience in user-centered design. She has also built and continues to guide their design team, from UX designers to visual designers.

As a user advocate, she looks for ways to involve herself and spread awareness for design thinking and user-centered principles. She is an active design mentor, working with a team at the UX India conference 2019 through Usability Matters, a global non-profit organization working towards the same goal.

Ashima also enjoys taking part in design competitions, charrettes, and jams. She has been involved with Cerner's design charrette, Google Startup weekend and Global Service Design Jam, Kansas City.

She believes that her growth mindset can be ascribed to her experiences and exposure to different cultures starting at a young age. She continues to travel and loves to meet people from all backgrounds. Her hobbies include attending cultural events across the city, the theatre and she tries to make it to a Broadway show as often as possible!

Favorite design quote: "Design is design is design"- Dr. Richard Branham, Ashima's mentor from the University of Kansas.

Wurah Fahanmi

Wurah Fahanmi is a UI/UX designer cum mechanical engineer currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. Having a background in mechanical engineering and automobile designs, he started designing majorly as a hobby and for free. He is extremely passionate about arts, designs, machines, creating simple, unique interfaces and making user-focused experiences.

He currently works with various startups helping them create awesome, innovative, visually appealing and user-friendly digital products and brands.

Besides work, he is a lover of rap music, a Barcelona fan, a marvel enthusiast and plays FIFA a lot. He also volunteers as a guidance and counseling personnel for young ones in his vicinity, Oshodi in Lagos, Nigeria.

Kayode Osinusi

Kayode is an experienced designer whose primary interests are in the areas of product and visual design with a strategic focus based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a fellow of the Interaction Design Foundation and he loves to use design to solve real world problems.

He currently works as the Lead Designer at Surebids, and also work with various startups and established organisation both locally and internationally.

Outside of work, he likes to read up on UX design case studies via muzli, medium etc., watching movies, gyming, playing adventure games, FIFA, PES and supporting Manchester United.

Emily Kirkman

Emily is a Senior UX/UI Designer currently based in London, previously Dublin, Ireland and San Diego, CA. In her work, Emily takes a user-centered approach combined with enthusiasm to solve problems. She likes to be sure her designs are backed by consumer appetite. To accomplish this, she loves exploring behaviors, gathering insights and learning the motivations of users.

She has worked with companies ranging from agency, e-commerce, to a corporate airline. Filling the empathy gap, she has designed compelling experiences, touching billions of users all over the world. “I like to give people experiences where they feel happy and secure, so when they return they have something positive to look forward to.” In her own time, Emily enjoys expanding her knowledge in areas like Information Visualization, Storytelling, and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Her hobbies include illustration, drawing and actively participating in design communities.

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