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How do I verify employment for InVision employees?

The method for verifying an InVisioner's employment differs based on the country in which he or she resides, as described in more detail below.

US employees

InVision uses the third-party service Truework, which makes employment verification quick and convenient. To verify a specific InVisioner's current employment status, open the InVision page in the Truework directory and click the Verify an InVision Employee button. Then, complete and submit the verification form.

Australia, Canada, Israel, Netherlands, UK employees

To simplify employment verification of InVisioners residing in Australia, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, or the United Kingdom, InVision partners with HR Revolution. To request verification of an employee in one of these countries, please email [email protected].

Employees in all other countries

To request employment verification of an InVisioner located in any country not mentioned above, please email us at [email protected].