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Why are some of my auto-links broken in Studio?

Due to recent upgrades to Studio’s auto-linking algorithm, you may run into broken auto-links for certain animations you created prior to the Studio 1.17.0 release.

Changes to the auto-linking algorithm

Studio now creates new auto-links from scratch each time you make significant edits to an existing interaction. Prior to version 1.17.0, any auto-linked layer or group maintained its originally created auto-link even after significant edits—such as moving the auto-linked layer (or group) into a new group or changing the name of the linked layer (or group) on either the source or destination artboard.

These algorithm changes make Studio’s auto-linking operations behave more consistently, which should reduce potential confusion about what elements in an interaction may or may not link automatically. As an excellent bonus benefit, the algorithm now requires Studio to store less data, resulting in reduced file sizes, load times, and processing.

Affected auto-links

The changes to the auto-linking algorithm should impact only these specific types of auto-linked interactions:

  • Any auto-linked layers (or groups) that you moved into a new group after the original auto-link was created
  • Any that do not maintain precise consistency in the naming, grouping, and structural hierarchy of your source and destination artboards
Auto-linking will no longer work if the structure is inconsistent between the source and destination artboards.

Solution for affected auto-links

To correct any broken auto-links, you will need to manually link them to your intended destination:

  1. In the main Studio layers panel, select the layer, group, or artboard that has the interaction icon (studio-interaction-icon.png).
  2. Under Interactions in the inspector panel, click Edit Timeline.
  3. In the Timeline layers panel, select a shared layer and, in the upper-left corner of the Timeline canvas, click the Link Layers button.
    Repeat step 3 as necessary to re-link all shared layers that were affected.

Alternatively, you can comb through both the source and destination artboards to establish precise structural consistency in the naming, grouping, and hierarchy of all layers and groups included in the interaction. Once the structure is completely consistent, Studio should create a new auto-link that works as expected.