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Why can’t I see DSM data in Inspect?


Prototypes built with earlier versions of Craft and the DSM Sketch tool will not show DSM data in Inspect.

To display DSM data in Inspect:

  1. Update Craft to the latest version.
  2. Use the DSM library in your Sketch document after updating.
  3. Resync your document via Craft Sync.

Keep reading for more information on each of the steps previously listed. 

In addition to the technical steps described above, be sure to check your plan type; not all plans have access to DSM data in Inspect. If you're using InVision V6, only Enterprise customers have access. If you're using InVision V7, you must be on a Pro or Enterprise plan.

Update to the latest version of Craft

If you’re not seeing DSM data in Inspect, first make sure that you have updated the necessary Craft tools to the latest version.

The minimum supported versions are:

  • Craft Manager 1.0.80
  • DSM Sketch tool 1.1.10

For information on updating Craft, check out this article: How do I check for Craft updates & version numbers?

Use the DSM library in your Sketch document

If you have the latest version of Craft Manager and the DSM Sketch tool, make sure that the Sketch document has used the DSM library at least once since you updated Craft.

If you’re not sure, you can either drag a specific item from the library to the document, or you can open the DSM Sketch tool and click the sync button (dsm-sync-library-icon.png).


Resync your document via Craft Sync

After syncing your DSM library to the document, sync the artboards to InVision via Craft Sync.

After syncing to InVision, you should see DSM data in Inspect. If you still don’t see any data, contact InVision Support for further help.

To learn more about Inspect, check out the Inspect section (within the InVision Platform section) in our Knowledge Base.

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