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What are the dimensions for prototype device frames?

The device frames listed here are for regular prototypes only. The resolutions provided are not necessarily the same for Studio prototypes. For information on Studio device frames, check out this article: What device frames can I use in Studio?

InVision offers a number of different mobile device frames for viewing prototypes. Below you will find the resolution for each available device frame. Note that the resolutions listed are for portrait mode.

InVision will automatically scale screens to fit the device’s width, so it’s important to design your screens to have a width that is at least as wide as the desired viewing device. This will prevent screens from appearing blurry as a result of scaling.



  • iPhone 4: 960x640 px
  • iPhone 5: 1136x640 px
  • iPhone 6–8: 1334x750 px
  • iPhone 6 Plus–8 Plus: 1920x1080 px
  • iPhone X: 2436x1125 px


  • HTC One: 1920x1080 px
  • Samsung Galaxy S4: 1920x1080 px



  • iPad: 1024x768 px


  • Nexus 7: 1920x1200 px
  • Nexus 10: 2560x1600 px



  • Apple Watch: 340x292 px


  • Square: 160x160 px
  • Round: 160 px diameter

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