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Release Notes: May 2019

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.

InVision Studio

Spring cleaning continued during May with Studio 1.15.0, followed shortly by Studio 1.16.0. We think you'll agree working in Studio is even easier now that the team has re-framed viewports by introducing a new level of control over the presentation of your prototypes; trampled more irritating bugs; and implemented a few usability improvements!

What's new in Studio 1.15.0?

  • Frame your story: Maintain precise control over your prototype's appearance with new Viewport and Frame settings for each artboard.
  • Mind the gap: You'll notice new guides on selected artboards that show an outline of the preset device's screen shape. Toggle these helpers in the View menu or by using Ctrl + Opt + X on macOS or Alt + Shift + X on Windows.
  • Flip the script: In the Preview window, you can quickly toggle between using the default settings for the artboard's viewport or override the appearance of your prototype with a custom preset.
  • Jump around: Link between phone, tablet, and desktop in the same prototype! Now you can create and preview your prototypes using a variety of viewport sizes.
  • Hot off the presses: Get your prototype on the web even easier and faster with new streamlined publishing UI.
  • Hue got it: Find just the right hue by using the eyedropper tool to pick a background color for the Preview window.
  • Choices, choices: New Social and TV artboard viewport presets—including device frames for the TV presets—help you get started designing quickly for more types of screens.

What's improved in Studio 1.15.0?

  • Don't blink: Opening the preview window is so much faster we can't even measure it.
  • Why wait?: Faster generation of thumbnail previews makes finding the right component even easier.
  • Tools, redefined: You'll notice slightly more accurate names for a couple tools. Rounded is now Rounded Rectangle, and Oval is now Ellipse.
  • Pixel perfect: You might notice some minor UI tweaks to keep everything looking fresh.

What's fixed in Studio 1.15.0?

  • Multi-tasking: Interacting with the Preview window while editing the definition of a component will no longer crash the Preview window.
  • Twinsies: When choosing between two presets that have the same viewport dimensions, the selected preset will be more accurately represented in the inspector.
  • Easy as 1-3-2: The order of selected layers is now preserved when moving layers between artboards.
  • Break the wheel: The shortcut for detaching a component (Cmd + Opt + B / Ctrl + Alt + B) works again.
  • Side step: Text layers no longer shift to the right when switching between Fixed and Wrap.
  • Cut it out: Holding Opt/Alt and clicking part of a path when in path editing mode correctly activates the Scissors tool instead of adding points to the path.
  • Escape room: You can exit full screen mode of the preview window using the Esc key as expected.
  • Attention, please: The Editor no longer responds to keyboard shortcuts when a modal dialog is open.
  • Halfway there: Rounded corners set to more than half of the layer size will render more accurately now.
  • Overriding overrides: Creating a component from a component with overrides applied will no longer reset the overrides.
  • Importing overrides: Importing Sketch files with symbol (component) overrides should be much more reliable.
  • Missing link: Deleting a component from a Shared Design Library will not cause unexpected crashes if the linked component is selected before the library is updated.
  • Closed minded: Duplicating a Shared Design Library can no longer prevent you from closing Studio.
  • Sized up: Copying and pasting an image with a locked aspect ratio and percentage-based width will no longer result in a 0px image layer.
  • Mitigating multi-mask messiness: After applying or removing a mask to multiple layers, there is no longer a delay in updating the indicator in the layers panel.
  • Recency bias: Newly selected fonts will now be added to the top of the font list as expected.
  • Nine fixes in one: The inspector panel no longer freezes up after an opacity hotkey (0-9) is used while an artboard is selected.

What's new in Studio 1.16.0?

  • All aboard: Designing icons or other reusable elements with defined bounds just got easier—now you can make components from artboards!

What's improved in Studio 1.16.0?

  • Search party: When searching for components in the Layers panel or via the Quick Add menu (the + icon at the top left of the canvas), you may notice Studio returns more-accurate results now that we've tweaked the search algorithm a bit.
  • Save a click: Next time you publish a Studio prototype, you'll notice the return of the Copy Link button, so it's a snap to get that link saved to your clipboard.

What's fixed in Studio 1.16.0?

  • Same size: Now you can copy and paste a nested component without Studio unexpectedly resetting any overrides you had applied to the component's size.
  • All in the (font) Family: If you've pasted text from a web browser into your Studio file, now you can use the keyboard shortcut (⌘I) to italicize the font as expected.
  • After-words: Your text layers are now safe from space invaders. Studio will no longer errantly ignore the value you enter in the After field (for font leading) in the inspector panel.
  • Blast from the past: Any artboards made with older versions of Studio (prior to the introduction of Viewport settings) will now get appropriate defaults if pasted into a current Studio file.
  • Studio App Store performance: You may notice the improved experience in the Studio App Store thanks to a series of minor performance tweaks and bug fixes released in May.

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InVision Cloud

What's New?

You'll notice the following new feature for Enterprise teams in InVision Cloud:

  • Enterprise billing: As an Enterprise admin you can now head to the Enterprise Billing section in InVision Cloud to review your billing details, change your assigned billing contact (or edit their contact info), and check your Enterprise seat count. Learn more about this new feature in this article from our Getting Started Guide: Managing Enterprise Billing

What's Fixed?

This issue was fixed in InVision Cloud during May:

  • SSO trouble from our mobile apps: You should no longer run into the issue that had been preventing SSO (single sign on) users from signing in to InVision Cloud from the InVision mobile apps.

Craft + Sync

What's Fixed?

This issue was fixed in Craft Manager version 1.0.81, released on May 13th:

  • Where's the latest & greatest: Craft Manager will once again update for you as expected. Previously, a bug was causing issues that prevented Craft Manager from updating properly.

Craft Manager is a separate tool that you use to manage the Craft plugin suite; therefore, the version number is different than what you see when clicking Manage plugins in the Sketch Plugins menu.

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Design System Manager (DSM)

What's New?

These new features were released in DSM (version 1.1.9) during May:

  • Easier access to DSM web view: The new 'open on the web' icon—highlighted in pink below—in the DSM Sketch plugin makes it extra convenient to view your library items in the DSM web view.
  • Grab-and-go share links: DSM now includes a link next to each library item name, so you can easily copy the URL and share the item with your team.

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Mobile: Android App

What's Fixed?

One issue was fixed in the InVision Android App (version 2.6.8) during May:

  • Sign in troubles corrected: This release included a hotfix to correct the bug that had been preventing some people from signing in to the InVision Android app.

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What's Improved?

  • Platform stability and security: To improve the stability and security of InVision Cloud, we made a number of general fixes.

InVision Cloud V7

The following release notes apply to InVision Cloud V7 only; these do not apply to InVision V6.

What's New in Cloud V7

These new features were released in InVision Cloud V7 during May:

  • Smart Home: You'll notice a few smart new content additions to the InVision Cloud V7 homepage that make it easier to discover what your colleagues are working on and jump in to share feedback:
    • Inspiration & recent activity: Along with convenient access to the documents you’ve viewed most recently, Home now also displays some of the most recent activity from your team as well as some other new ways to get inspired with InVision.
    • Quicker access to team documents: If your team has shared content available in spaces that are open to the whole team (rather than restricted to invite-only access), you’ll find the new documents available from Home.
  • Commenting when signed out: You no longer need to be signed in to InVision Cloud V7 to start a comment on a document link. You can also now sign in—or sign up for an InVision Cloud V7 account—when posting the comment.

What's Fixed in Cloud V7?

These issues were fixed in InVision Cloud V7 during May:

  • Thread-less: When you click a link in the comment email notifications you receive from InVision, the link will now open the comment thread as expected.
  • Pagination inconsistencies on the Documents tab: You should now be able to simultaneously filter, sort, and page through your document lists as expected. Plus, Cloud V7 will now return you to the top of the list so you can quickly see your next set of documents.
  • Navigation wasn't highlighting your location: When navigating sub-tabs on the Documents and Spaces pages, you'll notice the pink underline now highlights the tab you're currently on as expected.
  • Navigation wasn't visible in newly created spaces: You may have noticed that the primary navigation bar would sometimes disappear the first time you visited a new Cloud V7 space. This should no longer be a problem, so you can always get back Home or see who else is participating on the space.