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InVision V7 Spaces

The content below provides answers for InVision V7 only. This article does not apply to InVision V6. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

Spaces help you group and share designs across your team. Add any prototype, spec, freehand, or board to a space.

An InVision V7 space named Documentation is open, revealing two documents.

Spaces do more than store your documents; they provide a place for groups of people rallying around specific design challenges. Spaces let you create standards, structure, and order to encourage effective design processes. Spaces also serve as windows into the status and progress of design initiatives for your teammates.

Types of spaces

You can set up two types of spaces in InVision V7:

  • Team space: Your teammates, excluding guests, can discover and access all the documents within your team space. Use a team space to better socialize design across your organization.
  • Invite-Only space: Your teammates cannot discover and access the documents within an invite-only space unless they have been invited to join. An invite-only space helps you secure whatever needs securing.
    Remember, invite-only spaces require a paid account.

As you get started with spaces, note these important details:

  • Each space for your team must have a unique name. For example, there can be only one space named Highlander on your team.
  • A document can live in only one space at a time. You can, however, move a document from one space to another if you have access to edit the document.
  • Documents don’t need to be added to a space at all, but your teammates may thank you for helping them stay focused by creating and using spaces.
  • If you have access to a space, you can (at the very least) open every document within that space, regardless of the given document’s permissions.

Examples of spaces

With spaces, you can arrange documents by any number of categories. A few customer examples include using spaces to categorize by:

  • Client
  • Feature
  • Release
  • Department
  • Platform

Currently, it's not possible to have nested spaces. You can put documents in a space, but you can't place a space within another space.

Creating a space

To create a space:

  1. Sign in to InVision.
  2. On the left, next to Space, click the + button.
  3. In the Name your space field, enter a name.
  4. Below the Name your space field, click the dropdown list and click the type of space you want to create:
    • All members of [Your Team] can access this space
    • Only people invited can access this space
  5. Click the Create button.

Adding documents to spaces

To add a document to an existing space:

  1. Sign in to your InVision V7 account.
  2. Below Spaces in the sidebar, click the space you want to open.
  3. Once inside the space, click the + Create button.
  4. Select the type of document you want to create, or click the Add existing link to select and move an existing document to the space.

For more information on moving existing documents or inviting people to your space, check out these articles: