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Creating Your DSM Organization

To get started with Design System Manager, you first need to create an organization for your team.

Signing in to DSM

To create and access libraries from your personal InVision account:

  1. Open your file in Sketch, and click the DSM icon (craft-dsm-icon.png) or use the shortcut Command + L.
  2. Click Sign in to InVision. The Craft Manager dialog will open and prompt you to sign in with your InVision credentials.
  • If you have basic authentication enabled, enter your email address and password, and click Sign In.
  • If your team has SSO enabled, select Sign in with your domain. Upon entering your team domain, you will be taken to your SSO provider.
  • If you have an Enterprise account, follow the same procedure and click Sign in with your domain. Enter your domain name and sign in with your credentials.
  • If you’re on multiple teams, select the team of your choice. This gives you access to the correct documents and publishing abilities. If you’re only on a single team, you can now begin working in Sketch.

Creating an organization

If you're part of an Enterprise account, the creation process may differ slightly. Please read this article: Enterprise: Setting up your DSM organization

After signing in to DSM for the first time, you will see an introductory video about getting started. After you're done viewing, or if you want it skip it, click Get Started at the bottom of the video window. You’ll be asked to create a personal organization. Name your organization, and click Get Started.


A default library has been created for you named Primary Brand. You can use this library, create a new one, or import an existing Craft Library.

We only create a Primary Brand library if you first set up DSM through the Craft Manager tool. Alternatively, you can sign up for DSM via After signing in to your InVision account, click DSM in the top toolbar. Name your organization, and you'll be prompted to Try a Sample or Create a New Library.

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