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Craft Freehand

The Craft Freehand tool lets you rapidly capture feedback throughout the product design process. Create a freehand project directly from your design file, and then share that freehand with others to begin collaborating in real-time.

If using Photoshop, check out the article Craft Freehand for Photoshop.



Installing Craft Freehand

If you don’t yet have Craft, you’ll need to install Craft to get access to Freehand and our other tools.

Alternatively, you can create a Freehand directly from your InVision account by creating a new project and then selecting Freehand as the type.

Creating a new freehand

To create a new freehand from a Photoshop project:

  1. Click the Craft Freehand icon (craft-freehand-icon.png).
  2. If you’ve never created a freehand, you’ll see the option Create New Freehand.
    If you have previously synced a project to a Freehand, you’ll see the name of the most recently synced Freehand. Click the drop-down arrow, and then click Create a new Freehand.
  3. Enter a name and select an account.
  4. Choose to sync All Artboards or a Selected Artboard.
  5. Click Create Freehand.

After creating the freehand, a new browser tab will open, and you can begin working on your new freehand.

Updating an existing freehand

  1. Click the Craft Freehand icon (craft-freehand-icon.png).
  2. If you have previously synced a project to a Freehand, you’ll see the name of the most recently synced Freehand. To choose a different existing freehand, click the drop-down arrow.
  3. Choose to sync All Artboards or a Selected Artboard.
  4. Click Update Freehand.

After updating, you can continue collaborating on your freehand in InVision Cloud by clicking Open.

Freehand tools

You’ll see the Freehand toolbar at the top of your browser window:

selector-tool.png The Selector tool lets you choose any amount of shapes or objects to move by dragging and dropping on the Freehand canvas. Any object or group of objects selected can be scaled up or down.

The pencil tool lets you draw on your canvas. Hovering over the pencil tool will display three different opacity options (pencil-opacity-options.png). Click your desired opacity to begin drawing.

Hold down the Option key while you draw to have Freehand assist you in creating neat circles or squares. Holding shift + clicking to start/end of the line creates any-angle diagonal lines.

text-tool.png The Text tool allows you to enter text on your canvas. Once you select the Text tool, click anywhere on your canvas and begin typing. Switch to theSelector tool to resize your text or drag it to a different point on the canvas. Use the text tool to leave feedback on individual screens, flows, or specific features. Pressing Shift + Enter creates a line break.
image-tool.png The Image tool lets you upload images directly to the canvas. Once you upload an image, switch to the Selector tool to resize your image or drag it to a different point on the canvas.
eraser-tool.png The Eraser tool lets you hover over drawings you’ve created. Once you hover over a drawing, Freehand will highlight the drawing; clicking the highlighted drawing will delete it.

The ••• (more) menu presents you with the following additional options:

  • Clear my sketches - This will clear all sketches you’ve drawn with the pencil tool.
  • Clear all sketches - This will clear all sketches any collaborators have drawn with the pencil tool.
  • Clear everything - This will clear your entire Freehand project.
avatar-icons.png The avatars at the top right of your Freehand page will show you who is collaborating on your Freehand project.
share-button.png Share button generates a link you can copy to invite others to join your Freehand project to collaborate.


Freehand keyboard shortcuts

At the bottom right of your freehand project, you'll notice a keyboard icon (keyboard-shortcut-icon.png). To expand a list of shortcut keys for Freehand, click the icon.


Freehand help

Located in the bottom-right corner of your freehand is a help icon (help-icon.png). Click the icon to reveal a few different options:

  • Become a Pro Tutorial: Test drive Freehand via an interactive tutorial.
  • Freehand Guide: Watch an introductory video or read up on using Freehand.
  • What's New: Check out the latest release notes for Freehand.
  • Send Feedback: Reach out to us directly with any feedback for Freehand.

Additional Freehand functionality

The following additional functionality is available in Freehand in order to make your collaboration process as seamless and simple as possible:

  • Undo/redo: Go back and forward with changes as many times as you need to. Your whole history is recorded in Freehand. To undo, use the shortcut Command + Z. To redo, use Shift + Command + Z.
  • Zoom: To zoom, pinch with two fingers on the trackpad. Alternatively, you can use the zoom buttons (freehand-zoom.png) at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Follow presenter: Invite other collaborators to your Freehand project, then click on an avatar to have your screen follow their actions.
  • Real-time updates: Make updates in your Sketch file, then click Update Freehand in the Freehand tool. Your newly updated design will appear in your Freehand browser window.
  • Accessing saved Freehand projects: The link to your Freehand project is stored in your Sketch file:

Stay up to date on the most recent Freehand enhancements by following our Freehand Release Notes.

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