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Getting Started

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Infinite in size, the canvas gives you complete freedom on how you set up your design area. You can add one or more artboards and layers to it, then move them around by dragging.

Zoom in or out on your canvas by using shortcuts or gestures on your touch pad, or by using the zoom options on your toolbar. Zoom functions include the following:

  • Zoom to 100% (CMD+0): A zoom setting of 100% provides the most accurate view, because each image pixel is displayed by one monitor pixel. At other zoom settings, image pixels are interpolated to a different amount of monitor pixels.
  • Zoom to fit (CMD+1): This enables you to see your whole document area on-screen.
  • Zoom to selection (CMD+2): This zooms to a portion of the canvas that you select.
  • Center selection (CMD+3): This function centers canvas on the layer you’ve selected.
  • Zoom in (CMD+=): Use this function to simply zoom in on your canvas.
  • Zoom out with (CMD+-): Use this function to simply zoom out on your canvas.