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Working with Boards in InVision V7

The content below provides answers for InVision V7. If you’re on InVision V6, read this article instead. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

InVision Boards provide a flexible space to tell stories, share files, and collaborate with team members throughout the entire design process. Some examples of how you can use Boards include:

  • Creating design presentations
  • Collaborating on a mood board
  • Sharing your brand assets
  • Curating photo galleries

You can upload most non-system file types to a board, allowing you to easily share files commonly used among your team. Viewers of a board can both comment on items and download source files.

If you are uploading font files and you want to view examples of the font in your board, we recommend using a TTF file type.

Guided video tour

To get more familiar with Boards, we recommend taking a guided video tour, led by one of our experienced InVision product experts:

Creating a new board

To create a board in InVision V7:

  1. Sign in to your InVision V7 account.
  2. Near the top-right corner, click + Create and choose Board.
  3. Name your board and click Create.

Adding a photo header

To add a photo header to your board:

  1. Scroll to the top of your board and click the header icon (board-header-icon.png).
  2. Click the file icon (board-image-header-icon.png).
    If this is your first time uploading a header image, skip to the next step.
  3. Upload an image via drag and drop or browse. Images must not exceed 10MB per file.
  4. Click and drag your image, adjusting placement as wanted.
  5. To blur your image, click the Blur icon (board-header-blur-icon.png) and adjust the setting with the slider.
  6. To darken or lighten your image, click the overlay icon (board-header-overlay-icon.png) and adjust the setting with the slider.
  7. To change the size of your photo header, click the size icon (board-header-size-icon.png) and select a size.
  8. To save your changes, click the right-hand checkmark button or simply click outside of the header area.

Setting a layout style

To set a board's layout, navigate to the top right of the board and click the layout icon (invision-v7-boards-layout-icon.png). Choose your preferred layout:

  • Masonry: This collage format displays item thumbnails at their original proportions.
  • Meticulous: This balanced format crops item thumbnails to fit in regular columns with a relaxed approach to rows.
  • Grid: This structured format crops item thumbnails to fit them to regular columns and rows.

Uploading items to a board

To upload items to a board in InVision V7:

  1. Open your board and hover over any section.
  2. To the right of the section, click the + icon, and then click the upload icon (board-upload-file-icon.png).
  3. Choose the file you want to upload 
    The size limit for an individual file is 10MB.

Once the file uploaded, it will appear as a tile on the board. You can move the tile anywhere you choose.

You can also drag and drop files directly from your computer onto the board.

Creating and organizing sections

To create a new section on your board:

  1. Place your cursor either above or below an existing section and click the + button that appears.
  2. Enter an optional title and description.
  3. Hover over the new section and, to the far right, click the up and down arrows to move the section to a new position on the board.

Resizing items

To resize any item on your board, hover over a tile and, in the top right, click the Set item size icon (set-item-size-icon.png). Choose a width of 1 to 4 columns.


Adding a color swatch

To add a color swatch to your board:

  1. Hover over a section title and, to the right, click the + button.
  2. Click the eyedropper icon (color-swatch-icon.png).
  3. Type in the HEX value of the color you want to add and press Enter.
  4. Press Enter again, and fields will appear where you can name the color, give a description, or add comments.

To add a color swatch pulled from a board image:

  1. Click the image on your board.
  2. In the comment area, hover over the bar of colors.
  3. Click the + icon on the color you want to add.

The color swatch should now appear on your board, and you can rearrange it as needed.


Adding a note

To add a note to your board:

  1. Hover over a section title and, to the right, click the + button.
  2. Click the file icon (board-note-icon.png).
  3. Enter a note title and body text. You can edit the body text using the formatting options at the top right of the main window.

The note should now appear on your board, and you can rearrange it as needed.


Selecting multiple items

There are 2 ways to select multiple items at once on a board.

  • Beginning on the board's white space, click and drag to create a selection box around any tiles.
  • Hold Shift or Command (Ctrl for Windows) and click the chosen tiles.

A drawer will appear at the bottom of the screen showing the number of items selected. Here you can perform bulk actions like changing the tile size, moving to a new section, or deleting.


Sharing and collaborating on your board

With boards in InVision V7, you can quickly share and collaborate with other stakeholders.

Managing board link settings

Editing your board link settings allows you to quickly tailor access to the appropriate audience. 

To edit your board link settings:

  1. Open your board and, at the top right, click the Share button.
  2. Below the To: field, click Settings.
  3. Under Who can open this document?, select 1 of 3 options:
    • Anyone with the link
    • Members of [your team] with the link
    • People invited
  4. Under What can they do?, select 1 of 2 options:
    • Edit, comment and view
    • Comment and view
  5. Click Save

When someone visits your board link, access will be governed by those settings.


Adding collaborators

To add a collaborator to your board:

  1. Open the board and, at the top right of the page, click the Share button.
  2. In the To: field, type in the person's name or email address.
    If the person's name doesn't appear after you type out their email address, it means they are not yet a user on your team's account. Below their email address, click Invite [person's email address], and you will be prompted to first add them as a user on your team.
  3. To the right of the person's name, click the drop-down and select Can edit or Can review.
  4. Click Invite.

At any point, you can change an existing collaborator's permissions. To do so, click the Share button again and, next to their name, click the drop-down and select the appropriate permission. 

Removing collaborators

To remove a collaborator from your board:

  1. Open the board and, at the top right of the page, click the Share button.
  2. Next to the collaborator's name, click the drop-down and select Remove.

When you remove collaborators from a board (or remove them completely from an account), their comments remain on the board.

Commenting on a board

To add a comment to a board:

  1. Open an image file on the board.
  2. In the right-hand comment field, type your message. 
  3. To tag another collaborator, type "@" and then the person's name or email address.
    If they are not already a collaborator on the board, typing "+" and then their email address will send them an invite to join.
  4. To annotate your comment, click the annotation icon (annotation-icon.png), and then click a point on the image you want the comment associated with.
  5. When finished, click Post Comment.

Archiving a board

To archive a board in InVision V7:

  1. Sign in to your InVision V7 account and navigate to the Documents page.
    To narrow your list of documents to boards only, under the pink button, click the Boards tab.
  2. Hover over a board thumbnail and click the ••• (more) icon. Click Archive.
  3. To confirm, click the Archive button.

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