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Getting Started

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Publishing to Freehand

Perfect for initial collaboration (or any other stage, really), Studio makes it easy to sync prototypes to Freehand—where you can invite other people on your team to offer real-time feedback via the web.

To create a freehand in Studio:

  1. In the toolbar in the top-right corner of the Studio canvas, click the Freehand icon (studio-freehand-icon.png).
  2. In the small dialog that appears, click the New button.
    If you want to add to an existing freehand, click Update.

There are two ways to share your freehand from Studio:

  • To share a link to your newly published freehand, click Copy Link and paste the link into an email, text, or other message.
  • To open your newly published freehand in your browser, click the open icon (studio-freehand-open-browser.png).