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Viewing & Sharing Studio Prototypes

Sharing your Studio prototypes with other people is currently done by sending a public link. It is not yet possible to invite collaborators or password protect Studio prototypes; however, anyone you share a public link with can view and comment, as discussed in Commenting on a Studio Prototype.

Open a Studio prototype

To open a prototype from Studio after publishing or updating it:

  1. At the right end of the Studio toolbar, click the InVision publishing icon (studio-publish-icon.png).
  2. Under the prototype name, click Copy Link or click the URL itself to open the prototype in InVision.

Share a Studio prototype

To share a Studio prototype as public link from InVision:

  1. Open the published Studio prototype in InVision Cloud.
  2. At the top right of the page, click the Share button.
  3. In the Share dialog, click Copy link.

You can now send the copied link to whomever. Anyone with that link can view your prototype, even if they are not signed in to an InVision account. If they are signed in to their InVision account, they can also enter Inspect mode.  

If you are on an Enterprise plan, click Share, and then click Get public link. Copy the link or—if you need to revoke the public share link—click Delete link. Public links for Enterprise accounts do not allow access to Inspect mode.

To share a Studio prototype—from the InVision console—with an Enterprise team:

  1. Open the published Studio prototype in InVision.
  2. In your browser URL bar, select and copy the full URL.
    Do not use the Share button in the top-right corner of the console; that button is to copy a public link that anyone can use to access your prototype.
  3. Send the Studio prototype URL to the people you want to access your prototype.

Once the Enterprise user signs in, they will be able to view, inspect, and comment on the prototype.

It isn't yet possible to toggle off hotspot hinting for Studio prototypes viewed on InVision Cloud; however, if viewing a Studio prototype on the InVision iOS app or InVision Android app, you can toggle off hotspot hinting by entering user test mode.

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