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Release Notes: March 2019

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.

InVision Studio

Introducing the Studio App Store Beta!

Starting with Studio 1.12.0, you can browse the Studio App Store Beta to find 75+ apps and assets that help you do what you do best: create exceptional customer experiences

What else is new?

These new features were released in Studio during March:

  • Export layers from inside a component: Now you can configure export settings for layers within a component, including nested components. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • Animation of component overrides: The Motion transition will now animate any component overrides (style overrides for component instances) that change between artboards. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • Individual corner radii: The Radius property on rectangles and rounded rectangles now lets you enter values for each corner individually. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • Scrub number inputs: Now you can quickly increase or decrease the value of any number field by holding Command while dragging your mouse over the field. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)

What's improved?

These improvements were released in Studio during March:

  • Stay relevant: When editing a component, Studio now displays more relevant information—like the component name and the library name—rather than showing the navigation for pages and libraries, like it did previously. (implemented with Studio 1.12.0)
  • Center yourself: To center the canvas view on a specific layer, now you can double click the layer's icon in the layer panel. (implemented with Studio 1.11.0)
  • SVG exports: When exporting a layer that contains a shadow within a group, you'll probably notice Studio now produces a more accurate SVG. (implemented with Studio 1.11.0)
  • The fancy type: Next time you're touching up a text layer, click the new More button (three dots, stacked vertically) in the inspector panel to access the Advanced Options for typography settings. (implemented with Studio 1.11.0)
  • Pssst! Don't forget: After you've finished viewing a Studio library, you'll notice a subtle reminder about the last page you were working on. (implemented with Studio 1.11.0)
  • Life's a blur: Now when you set the blur between 0.1 and 1.0, you'll notice improved shadow rendering. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • Search party: Next time you use the search feature in the Quick Add menu (invision-studio-quick-add-menu.png), you may notice the search results have been improved—they now include more accurate results if you use multiple search terms and/or partial terms. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • Get started sooner: Your Studio files will open faster now. You'll probably notice the improved performance most when opening files that contain a bunch of components. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • See the light: If you use the light theme for Studio, see what you think of the newly polished version—cleaned up a bit for consistency with the dark theme. To give it a spin, open the View menu, hover over Theme, and click Light Theme. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • Agile file navigation: Jump around your file faster with the latest navigation updates for Pages and Libraries. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • Freehand, faster: Now you can generate a Freehand link right away while your artboards upload in the background. This update also improves reliability and error handling. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • Performance improvements galore: You'll notice improved performance most obviously when copying large artboards; selecting, expanding, and collapsing layers; duplicating layers and artboards; pasting layers; and drawing new shapes. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • Show some grid: It should be easier to create and manage your artboard grids and columns now that we've improved the related UI. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)

What's fixed?

These issues were fixed in Studio during March:

  • Empty text syndrome: Now you can modify the properties of an empty text layer without the inspector panel suddenly crashing. (implemented with Studio 1.12.0)
  • Getting loopy: In Timeline, the active state for the Loop Animation icon was a bit too subtle (um, it went missing!) last release. It's back now—and bluer than ever! (implemented with Studio 1.12.0)
  • Precisely: When working with shadows or inner shadows, now you can use decimal values in the X, Y, and Blur fields. Previously, Studio would errantly round decimal values in these fields. (implemented with Studio 1.11.0)
  • Lessen the load: You should no longer run into the memory management issues related to modals and the color picker. Those issues were sometimes causing Studio to use more system memory than necessary over time. (implemented with Studio 1.11.0)
  • One of a kind: When multiple component layers with export options were selected, Studio could end up adding some layers more than once to the selection, which led to the Inspector panel crashing. Studio will now select each layer once, and only once. (implemented with Studio 1.11.0)
  • The whole story: The tooltips for the layout and grid menu will be much more useful now that you can actually see the text. (implemented with Studio 1.11.0)
  • Number inputs: You might notice that number-based input fields now behave more consistently and no longer show px values where they shouldn't. (implemented with Studio 1.11.0)
  • Copy cat: You can now copy an image from inside one component and paste it as an image fill inside another component, without Studio misbehaving. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • Jimmy Two Times: Components no longer show up twice in the Quick Add menu (invision-studio-quick-add-menu.png) list after being added and then removed from the canvas. We'll leave the needless repetition to Jimmy, leave it to Jimmy. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • Stuck in a rut: If you stumble into a Freehand error message, now you can read it, dismiss it, and get on with your day. Previously, the message would stick around indefinitely. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • Off the grid: The grid lines in the Motion Curve editor are back after mysteriously disappearing in the previous version of Studio. "Sorry to ghost you like that! Can we give this another go?" —forever yours, the grid lines (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • Duplicating image fills: If you have applied an image fill to a layer (but have not yet selected a specific image for the image fill), now you can duplicate the layer as needed. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • Exporting to SVG:
    • When exporting a layer to SVG, your shadows will be included as expected—even if the layer doesn't have a fill or border applied. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
    • Now you can export SVG assets from a component definition as expected. (implemented with Studio 1.10.0)
  • That's so meta: If you try to place an instance of a component inside itself, Studio will no longer let you. Previously, Studio would warn you but then would let you place the component inside itself—causing the app to crash. Studio now heeds its own warning and prevents the action. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • The whole truth: You may notice the improved accuracy of thumbnail generation for the component preview. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • Component preview thumbnails: Now you can export large batches of PNGs exports without causing subsequent exports to render the wrong thumbnail in the component preview. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • Respect your boundaries: When drawing objects within a container, Studio will now position the objects using the correct bounds. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • Quick-add component menu: Your view of scrollable lists in the quick-add component menu (at the top-left of the canvas) will no longer get blocked by an unintentional line in the UI. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • Offline limitations: When working in Studio offline, you will notice the Freehand and Device Mirroring buttons are now disabled, since both features require an Internet connection. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)
  • Think positive: When resizing an artboard, it's no longer possible to drag the anchor points to a value less than zero. (implemented with Studio 1.9.0)

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InVision Cloud

What's Fixed or Improved?

These issues were fixed or improved in InVision Cloud during March:

  • Out with the old: You may notice improved performance partly thanks to our engineers cutting outdated code that InVision Cloud no longer needs.
  • 59-88% faster: InVision Cloud will load 59-88% faster for you now that we've implemented global static pipeline, which pre-caches some of the elements the product uses.
  • Subdomain renaming: Now you can rename your Enterprise subdomain as needed, without experiencing the issue that was previously preventing that.
  • Cookie consent: People in the European Union will now see a new cookie consent banner across all areas of InVision Cloud.
  • Two-factor authentication: Now you can't run into the edge case that was preventing two-factor authentication codes from working for some peoples.
  • Comment icon: updated comment mode icon in share links
  • Private Cloud invitations: If you receive a Private Cloud invitation email, clicking the InVision logo in the email will now open the correct page.

Craft + Sync

What's Fixed?

These issues were fixed in Craft Manager during March:

  • Resolved various bugs: Eliminated bugs related to running Craft when no internet connection was present. (implemented with Craft Manager 1.0.78 for Sketch and Photoshop on March 14, 2019)
  • Fixed crash issues: Resolved an issue where Craft would crash when attempting to check for updates and no internet connection was present. (implemented with Craft Manager 1.0.77 for Sketch and Photoshop on March 14, 2019)

Note: Craft Manager is a separate tool that you use to manage the Craft plugin suite; therefore, the version number is different than what you see when clicking Manage plugins in the Sketch Plugins menu.

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Design System Manager (DSM)

What's New?

These new features were released in DSM (version 1.1.9) during March:

  • Password-protected libraries: Now you can use password protection for your DSM libraries, so your team can share private libraries with outside parties. Note that this feature is only available for DSM Enterprise teams.
  • Go big: When working in the DSM web view, now you can view assets in full-screen mode, so it's easier to see the details of large components such as page templates.
  • Multi-select and bulk actions: For a faster, more-intuitive experience when organizing a DSM library, you can now use multi-select when reordering or deleting items in the Sketch tool.
  • Left pane resizing: So you can easily see long asset names in the DSM Sketch tool, now you can resize the navigation pane on the left.

What's Fixed?

These issues were fixed in DSM (version 1.1.9) during March:

  • Embrace the dark side: If you use dark mode on your Mac, now you'll see your DSM release comments as expected. Previously, DSM was experiencing compatibility issues with dark mode.
  • Render me this, Batman: You shouldn't have any more trouble with nested symbol overrides from Sketch Libraries failing to render.

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Mobile: iOS App

What's Fixed?

These issues were fixed in the InVision iOS App (version 2.7.4) during March:

  • Share links for Private Cloud: Now Private Cloud customers can view their projects via share links without running into the issue that was occasionally preventing their share links from opening.
  • What a view: You should notice improved performance next time you view a Studio prototype or freehand in our iOS app.
  • Thumbnail issue: Your prototypes and freehand thumbnails should now display as expected.

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What's Improved?

  • Platform stability and security: To improve the stability and security of InVision Cloud, we made a number of general fixes.

InVision Cloud V7

The following release notes apply to InVision Cloud V7 only; these do not apply to InVision V6.

What's New in Cloud V7

These new features were released in InVision Cloud V7 during March:

  • Control access to your team: Team owners and admins can use the new team sharing setting to control whether team members can invite new people to the team from within a document or space.
  • Your You're correct: Freehand text in Cloud V7 now features autocorrection.
  • Let's wrap it up: Working with text in Freehand for Cloud V7 is better than ever:
    • Now you can click and drag to draw a text bounding box, complete automatically wrapping text.
    • When you create a text area by clicking to type, now the text will wrap at a predefined width.
    • When hovering over a text area, you can now use the side handles to resize the area and change the wrapping of the text. It's worth noting that you can still drag the corner handles of a text area to change change the font size.

What's Fixed in Cloud V7?

These issues were fixed in InVision Cloud V7 during March:

  • Disappearing menu trick: When hovering over the ••• (More) button at the bottom-right corner of a document on the Home page, the menu will now stick around as expected, so you don't have to click it twice. Previously, the menu would sometimes disappear before people had a chance to click anything in the menu (Share, Archive, Move, or Delete).
  • Up-to-date Document lists: Now when you create a new document, you'll see it the document list on the Home page and in a space. Previously, newly created documents could sometimes be missing from those lists.
  • Manage multiple documents at once: You can add or move multiple documents to a space now as expected, without needing to refresh. Previously, people sometimes had to refresh before adding or moving a second or third document into the same space.
    Note: Better still, add multiple documents to a space at once by clicking the (invision-cloud-v7-space-add-button.png) button at the top of your space and then clicking the recently implemented Add existing link.