Announcing Studio for Windows

Today we’re excited to introduce the first version of Studio for Windows! Now you can download Studio for Mac or Windows—whichever you choose—and start designing your best screen yet.

From the start, multi-platform support has been an important part of the Studio roadmap. Our Windows app comes with the same rich feature set that’s available for Mac, so no matter which OS you choose, you can design, prototype, and animate all in one place.

Studio for Windows has been our most requested feature to date, and we appreciate your patience while our team has been hard at work to bring a transformative and performant experience to the creative community across Mac and Windows. This is just the beginning of the Studio journey, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback as we continue to make your experience the best yet.

To learn more about Studio (for Windows and Mac), check out these resources:

Studio for Mac and Windows. Download now—free.

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Announcing Studio for Windows