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Release Notes: February 2019

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.

InVision Studio 1.9.0

Design that perfect Web 2.0 button using individual radius controls on rectangles, navigate your Pages and Libraries with more confidence, and do it all faster with continued performance improvements.

What's new?

  • Individual corner radii: The Radius property on rectangles and rounded rectangles now lets you enter values for each corner individually.
  • Scrub number inputs: Now you can quickly increase or decrease the value of any number field by holding Command while dragging your mouse over the field.

What's improved?

  • Agile file navigation: Jump around your file faster with the latest navigation updates for Pages and Libraries.
  • Freehand, faster: Now you can generate a Freehand link right away while your artboards uploaded in the background. This update also improves reliability and error handling.
  • Performance improvements galore: You'll notice improved performance most obviously when copying large artboards; selecting, expanding, and collapsing layers; duplicating layers and artboards; pasting layers; and drawing new shapes.
  • Show some grid: It should be easier to create and manage your artboard grids and columns now that we've improved the related UI.

What's fixed?

  • That's so meta: If you try to place an instance of a component inside itself, Studio will no longer let you. Previously, Studio would warn you but then would let you place the component inside itself—causing the app to crash. Studio now heeds its own warning and prevents the action.
  • The whole truth: You may notice the improved accuracy of thumbnail generation for the component preview.
  • Component preview thumbnails: Now you can export large batches of PNGs exports without causing subsequent exports to render the wrong thumbnail in the component preview.
  • Respect your boundaries: When drawing objects within a container, Studio will now position the objects using the correct bounds.
  • Quick-add component menu: Your view of scrollable lists in the quick-add component menu (at the top-left of the canvas) will no longer get blocked by an unintentional line in the UI.
  • Offline limitations: When working in Studio offline, you will notice the Freehand and Device Mirroring buttons are now disabled, since both features require an Internet connection.
  • Think positive: When resizing an artboard, it's no longer possible to drag the anchor points to a value less than zero.

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InVision Cloud

What's improved & fixed?

  • Sharing is caring: You may notice that share links work faster now, as we've made some changes under the hood to improve their performance.
  • It's the new style: Four and three and two and one, and when you're viewing screens, no need to run! Okay, so the Beasties probably won't have us update their lyrics, but they might enjoy our new styles for headers and thumbnails on the screens overview page.
  • Hotspots for external URIs: When creating a hotspot that redirects your users to an external URI, now you don't have to avoid using encoded characters. Previously, if the URI contained encoded characters, the hotspot had trouble opening the correct webpage.
  • Comment sidebar issue: When working with a mobile prototype in Comment mode, now you can click/open the comments sidebar (invision-cloud-comment-mode-sidebar-icon.png) without the app errantly increasing the size of your screens.
  • Replying to Tour Points: When trying to reply to a Tour Point comment, now you can use the post shortcut (CMD + Enter) without breaking the comment.
  • Liking a comment: When viewing a share link in Comment mode, hovering over the thumbs-up icon no longer causes the name of the liker to flash in and out of view.
  • Improved billing page: It should be an easier, better experience next time you visit our billing page (via your profile in the upper-right corner of InVision Cloud), as our designers have recently simplified the UI.
  • Custom overlays stay put: When creating a hotspot that links to an overlay screen, you can now select Custom for your overlay position without the app reverting to the previously selected position.
  • Social share options: When working with a prototype screen in InVision, you can use the social share button (invision-social-share-icon.png) to share the screen via Slack, but Dribbble and Behance have been removed.
  • See our latest product updates: Now you can easily check out the latest release notes while working in InVision: Just hover over your profile dropdown (in the upper-right corner) and click the Product Updates link.
  • Overlay transparency: Your overlay background transparency settings for mobile prototypes should now be applied as expected. Previously, this setting was getting applied across the entire screen in InVision rather than only to the device frame.
  • Security updates: InVision Cloud saw several security updates implemented during February.
  • Studio sign-up form: Now customers in Australia can sign up for Studio via the form on InVision Cloud without getting diverted to the wrong area of InVision.
  • The fix is in:
    • Fixed header issue for longer screens: When working with your prototype in Preview mode or viewing it via a share link, fixed headers for longer screens will no longer appear compressed.
    • Hotspot hinting in fixed footers: Now you can use hotspot hinting for your fixed footers.

Craft + Sync

What's improved & fixed?

  • Text styles for symbol instance override: Inspect will now display the text styling (color, border, blur, etc.) on the symbol instance override rather than the symbol master in Sketch.
  • Unique images for layers with Craft Data content: Craft Duplicate now creates unique images when applied to layers that contain Craft Data content.
  • Resolved issue with Freehand syncing: Sketch 53.1 no longer crashes when syncing a freehand with artboards that have a background color set in the Sketch Inspector panel.
  • Craft Data and symbol layers: You can now apply Craft Data on a symbol and select the appropriate layer within it.
  • Issue with symbols in Inspect: Now when you sync from Craft to InVision, your symbols will appear detached in Inspect as expected, even if you're using the Anima plugin alongside Craft. Previously, using Anima in conjunction with Craft was preventing Inspect from properly detaching symbols.
  • Resolved issue when checking for updates: Checking for updates or pressing the update button is no longer unresponsive in situations where the Craft Manager application has not been moved from its initial installation directory.

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Version Changes

The version numbers for the following Craft tools were updated with this release, which occurred on February 20, 2019:

  • Craft Manager: 1.0.76 (Sketch and Photoshop)
  • Craft Sync: 2.3.121 (Sketch only)
  • Craft Freehand: 1.0.35 (Sketch only)
  • Craft Stock: 1.0.35 (Sketch only)
  • Craft Duplicate: 1.0.20 (Sketch only)
  • Craft Data: 1.0.38 (Sketch only)

Design System Manager (DSM)

What's New?

  • Tidying up: For added flexibility when organizing your DSM libraries, now you can w nest symbols directly in your top-level folders.

Mobile: Android Version 2.6.1

What's improved?

  • Faster performance: When navigating the app, you may notice the increase in speed and performance of interactions.

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What's improved?

  • Platform Security: To address the publicly known Docker vulnerability that could allow unauthorized privilege escalation, we have updated the infrastructure.

InVision Cloud V7

The following release notes apply to InVision Cloud V7 only; these do not apply to InVision V6.

What's New in Cloud V7?

  • Add multiple documents to a space at once: When working in a Cloud V7 space, the new Add existing link in the + menu lets you add documents to the space, as long as the documents don't already belong to another space. See the new feature in action here:

What's Improved & Fixed in Cloud V7?

  • It's the new style: Four and three and two and one, and when you're viewing screens, no need to run! Okay, so the Beasties probably won't have us update their lyrics, but they might enjoy our new styles for headers and thumbnails on the screens overview page.

  • Studio sign-up form: Now customers in Australia can sign up for Studio via the form on InVision Cloud V7 without getting diverted to the wrong area of InVision.
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