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Release Notes: December 2018

Your InVision experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest releases.


What's New

  • Text layer fills: Text layers now support solid, gradient, and image fills.
  • New iPad Pro frame: Now you can choose the new iPad Pro in Studio's artboard presets and device frames.

Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • Pan the canvas: If you have a three-button mouse, now you can click and hold the middle mouse button to pan around the canvas.
  • Using keyboard keys: You’ll find that holding down keyboard keys (like an arrow key) on larger or more complex Studio files is much more responsive.
  • Faster nudging: Now nudging layers on the canvas should be a bit faster.


  • Alphanumeric sorting of artboards: The list displayed when selecting an artboard from the Interactions area in the inspector panel is now sorted alphanumerically as expected.

Tools & Shortcuts

  • Conflicting shortcuts: The keyboard shortcuts for arranging a layer (⌘⌥↑, ⌘⌥↓) no longer conflict with the shortcuts for increasing the height or width of a layer (⌘↑, ⌘↓).
  • Alignment guide issue: The center alignment guide no longer flickers and flashes when you try to snap a layer with an odd width to the middle of an artboard with an even width.

Layers & Styling Layers

  • Corrected font rendering: Fonts with overlapping characters or negative letter spacing no longer render the overlapping areas as transparent.
  • Unwanted layer truncation: Pasting text styles on multiple text layers no longer truncates layers with shorter content.
  • Problem creating new text layers: Selecting files that don't define paths for whitespace glyphs no longer cause errors preventing you from creating new text layers.
  • Improved copying & pasting: You’ll notice copying and pasting layers is more responsive—especially when working with large groups or layers containing large images.

Importing & Exporting

  • Clipped layers: When exporting, Studio no longer clips layers with properties like outside borders and shadows that extend beyond the bounds of the group or container.
  • Issue with large artboards: Very large artboards no longer render incorrectly the second time they are exported at the same scale.
  • Export options issue: Now, when exporting multiple layers, only the export options you set on each individual layer will be used.
  • New asset count: You can check the newly added asset count on the Export button to see how many assets will be generated.
  • Issue with duplicate names & special characters: Exporting layers with duplicate names and certain special characters reserved by the operating system should be working as expected now.


  • Copying & pasting: Adding a component instance outside the visible bounds of another component definition no longer prevents you from copying and pasting.
  • Incorrect positioning: Text layers no longer end up with an incorrect position offset when copying layers from within a component instance.

Previewing Prototypes

  • Device frame orientation: Prototypes that have a device frame and have been rotated in the Preview window will now publish to the web with the device frame in the correct orientation.
  • Viewport issue: The scrolling tutorial file has been updated to use the correct viewport in the preview window.
  • Improved mirroring connection: When mirroring your Studio prototypes to a phone or tablet, the connection should be more reliable now due to some updates to the mobile device mirroring protocol.
    Note: To establish a connection with this version of Studio, you will have to update your iOS or Android app to the latest version.

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Speed boost: Opening or creating a new Studio window got a speed boost thanks to more intelligent font loading.
  • Copying & pasting from Sketch: Copying large amounts of data from Sketch and pasting into Studio will no longer cause Studio to hang or crash.
  • Improved Skip button: The Skip button on the intro video is now more noticeable.

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InVision Cloud

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Studio prototypes: Save a little time now that your Studio prototypes load faster on InVision Cloud!
  • Improved responsive experience: The Screens Overview page now resizes appropriately (responsively), making it easier to use regardless of your screen resolution.
  • Misaligned tooltips: You'll notice the tooltips in your document bar now align as expected, including on devices with lower resolution.
  • @project mentions: Now when you use the @project mention feature, it should perform as expected.
  • New payment gateway: All new transactions are now being processed via new payment gateway.
  • Images of large dimensions: Now the images you sync from Craft should upload as expected, including images with large dimensions. Previously, even if the file size was small, a bug was preventing Craft from uploading images with large dimensions.
  • Additional monitoring: To quickly stamp out any issues that might affect you, additional monitoring measures have been implemented for key product areas.
  • Emoji support: Your emoji for screen names uploaded via Craft are now supported.
  • Prototyping guidance: The tooltips shown when new InVision customers create their first prototype are no longer errantly displayed all at once.
  • Onboarding flow:
    • Customers who sign up for a new account will now only see the onboarding goal options once.
    • Invited collaborators who don’t yet have InVision accounts will now see the onboarding flow too. This step was previously only visible for customers who created new accounts via the main registration page.

Craft + Sync

What's New

  • Streamlined update process: To ensure it's easy for you to get the latest and greatest, the update process for Craft has been simplified. Rather than needing to update Craft Manager as well as the individual Sketch or Photoshop plugins and tools, you can now update all aspects of Craft by clicking a single Update button in Craft Manager in the Mac menu bar.
  • macOS dark mode: Craft now fully supports macOS dark mode. Previously, only the Craft panel in Sketch supported dark mode.
  • Preserved links: Craft Prototype links from one artboard to another are now preserved when duplicating a page or set of pages.

Bug Fixes

  • DSM access: Reviewers can now access their DSM libraries by signing in to Craft.
  • Legibility issue: The prototype search drop-down list no longer uses a hard-to-read background color in dark mode.
  • Stock sign in issue: You can now sign in to your Getty or iStock account in Stock as expected.
  • Emoji in page titles supported: Now you can use emoji in your Sketch page titles as wanted without it preventing assets from syncing.
  • Missing Craft tools: Your individual Craft tools (Sync + Prototype, DSM, Freehand, Stock, Duplicate, and Data) should now be accessible as expected in Sketch. Previously, the Craft tools were occasionally failing to appear in Sketch, despite Craft Manager indicating that they had been installed.
  • Broken external link hotspots: To prevent external link hotspots from breaking, Craft now validates the URL format.

Design System Manager (DSM)

What's New

  • New example library: Use the new DSM example library to get an idea of what’s possible with DSM, whether you’re starting fresh or shoring up your current design system. The new example library has a permanent, easily accessible link from the DSM web view, and it's available for anyone using DSM through the DSM tool in Craft.
  • Increased control: Now you can use subfolders for text and layer styles, giving you the same level of control you enjoy when organizing colors, icons, and components in DSM.


Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • General improvements: You may notice increased platform stability & security improvements due to a number of general security fixes.

InVision Cloud V7

The following release notes apply to InVision Cloud V7 only; these do not apply to InVision Cloud V6.

What's New in Cloud V7

  • Studio prototypes: Save a little time now that your Studio prototypes load faster on InVision Cloud!
  • Improved responsive experience: The Screens Overview page now resizes appropriately (responsively), making it easier to use regardless of your screen resolution.
  • See who will get notified: You can now hover over the mention tooltip (“# people will be notified”) to see a list of people that will be notified of the comment.

Improvements & Bug Fixes in Cloud V7

  • Misaligned tooltips: You'll notice the tooltips in your document bar now align as expected, including on devices with lower resolution.
  • General improvements: You may notice improved performance and reliability in this release.
  • Issue with @ mentioning: Using the @ mention feature will no longer replace the word that the @ is attached to.
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